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MATRIXX Software was created to provide Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with solutions designed to manage the rapid growth in data services across communications networks. The company was built by a team of communications industry veterans with deep roots in real-time, mission-critical application development and delivery.

As the communications industry evolves from voice-centric networks and services to data-centric services and IP core networks, operators can no longer rely on outdated old world technology. This new world, the Supermobile era, changes the game for CSPs. To remain relevant and profitable, operators must find more efficient ways to manage data growth while creating a more intuitive and valuable experience for their subscribers. Recognizing this need, we've invented an entirely new technology that enables operators to leap confidently from the voice world into the Supermobile era. This patented, real-time technology gives CSPs instant visibility, insight and control of services across the network. With MATRIXX, operators can capitalize on data growth and limited bandwidth to reposition themselves as the brand that offers subscribers the services and experience they crave.

For mobile users especially, NOW is everything. The mobile experience is about accessing information in the moment, when subscribers want it most. That's the power of NOW. And now CSPs can deliver that experience with MATRIXX Software.

Today's 4G networks are blazing fast, mobile devices are smart, but operational support systems have not evolved to keep pace. MATRIXX Software changes that.

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