Modern Digital Experience
Requires Modern Digital Technology

MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Speed. Agility. Innovation. It’s in the platform.

Traditional Network

Real-time charging, control and management of circuit switches and IP based services, delivering a single source of truth for customer transactions

Modern Commerce

Tools for packaging, promoting and selling digital services through mobile and other channels at all touchpoints of the customer buying journey

MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Rapid service design, on-demand customer engagement, agile product delivery, real-time monetization

"Simply recreating existing applications as 'digital' isn’t good enough... We believe that the technology developed by MATRIXX Software can help every operator achieve its transformation objectives."
Susan Buttsworth
3 International Opportunities Development

Lead with Customer Experience

MATRIXX Digital Commerce – the modern digital technology
you need, to give your customers what they want.


Engaging mobile apps that are linked to a modern back-end platform via open APIs


Build plans and change them on-the-fly, with highly segmented contextual offers, and instant interaction


Find and buy new services through an app based digital marketplace


Monitor and control usage with dashboards, spend limits and notifications


Billing and payment handled directly through the mobile phone


Create groups of friends, family, and employees. Set limits or share everything with real-time controls


Automate loyalty rewards and discounts based on usage triggers, time-of-day, birthday or other variables

Lead with Truly Unique Technology

Consumers expect you to give them a better digital experience.
The MATRIXX Technology Core makes it possible.

Business Rule Execution. Transformed.

Replace complex, conditional logic with algebraic equations and mathematical functions. Efficiently utilize modern computing power.

Market Agility. Enabled.

Stop coding new use cases and business models. Launch new services and offers in hours instead of months.

Application Performance Bottlenecks. Eliminated.

End locking data and serializing transactions. Transform your transaction throughput with ACID-compliant parallel processing guaranteed to produce the right answer every time.

Single Source of Truth. Guaranteed.

Remove disparate silos of data. Embrace a single, extensible data store. Support any type of business mode with flexible objects.

Everything you need to lead
with digital commerce

One platform. Unmatched capabilities.


Click not code, build & configure catalog, pricing and packages

  • Build catalog & pricing via reusable templates
  • Package products into propositions
  • Set triggers for real-time, event-based promotions


Best-in-class Customer Support. Loyalty & Rewards

  • Always accurate balances
  • Full transaction history
  • Contextual push notifications


Create new digital on-boarding journeys

  • Streamline order capture, fulfillment and provisioning
  • Simplify network operations and architecture


Eliminate silos, let customers pay on their terms & on-demand

  • Support for prepay, post-pay, hybrid and Pay Now
  • Integration with third party payment gateways
  • Real-time charging for all services

Dive Deeper

Learn more about how MATRIXX Digital Commerce delivers next-generation digital experience

Deploy quickly the way you want

On-premise, private or public cloud from a common codebase.
Integrate easily, via a flexible business API gateway and configurable network gateways.

Public Cloud

Certified for production use on Google Cloud Platform

Private Cloud

Suitable for deployment in NFV and virtualized environments


Off the shelf, commodity hardware

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