Agility. Every Time.

Customer experience is your brand. Your success with customers in the on-demand economy requires Digital-Grade technology. Ours.


There’s slideware.
Then there’s MATRIXX Digital Commerce.

An end-to-end solution, from the database through the application layer. We power the complete digital customer lifecycle. Always on. Always agile. Always precise.

Easily plugs into any type of network for usage processing

Provides the business platform for managing products, services and customers

Powers the engagement layer via mobile applications

  • Sign-up
  • Tailor
  • Buy
  • Control
  • Share
  • Offer
  • Reward

Personalization, powered.

Customers get seamless interaction with MATRIXX Digital Commerce. Build plans, change them on-the-fly for individualized engagements. All in real-time.


Innovation, sold.

Offer new digital services. Create your own digital marketplace with real-time pricing. Drive usage. Boost revenue.


Transparency, enabled.

Customers can monitor and control usage with dashboards, spend limits and notifications. Always accurate balances, on-demand control. Build trust. Create advocates.


Sharing, on your terms.

Create groups of friends, family, even employees. Set limits or share everything with real-time controls. Track activity. Remain in control.


Personalized offers, in-app.

Deliver highly segmented contextual offers to every consumer. Leverage insight from product usage and spend levels. Instant gratification, one-click away.


Loyalty, rewarded.

Automate individualized loyalty rewards and discounts. Set usage triggers, time-of-day, birthday or other variables. Instant satisfaction. In one place.

Our Platform. Deployed.

What is your vision of customer experience? You choose the path, we’ll bring the possibility. MATRIXX Digital Commerce can get you there.

digital commerce

Patented technology simultaneously processing billions of complex network transactions a day.


A cloud-based, digital stack combining MATRIXX Digital Commerce with Salesforce and Vlocity

Unrivaled performance to deliver everything through digital channels without investing millions of dollars in hardware, infrastructure and datacenters. Every day. On-demand.


We’ve developed new in-memory database, parallel processing and clustering technologies. Why? Because that’s the only way to meet customer expectations in the digital world. Low latency responses means instant gratification for customers, guaranteed.


Purpose-built, MATRIXX Digital Commerce doesn’t need custom code to work. GUI-based pricing configuration. Network integration via simple XML configuration. Online product upgrades. On-the-fly, high-frequency changes enabled always. Agility delivered. 90-days to launch. Go.


A single, unified subscriber database. A single source of truth for customers, eliminating discrepancies and delays from multiple systems. Precise customer information, always available.


A cloud-based, digital stack combining MATRIXX Digital Commerce with Salesforce and Vlocity

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A fast start end-to-end solution. Extend MATRIXX Digital Commerce with Go Digital, from MATRIXX and Vlocity. A preintegrated stack delivering customer engagement, customer service and digital commerce. Built on the power of Salesforce.com


Guided: selling, service and customer management. Pre-integrated to support seamless on-demand interaction across mobile self-care, web self-care and contact center channels. Customer satisfaction. On-demand.


Go to market in 90 days. Pre-defined library of telco processes and functionality eliminates customization. Drag and drop tools for order management and configuration. Intelligent workflows and comprehensive out-of-the-box capabilities. Start fast. Launch new offers even faster.


Accurate real-time data pervasively available across all care channels. Unified data model with intelligent workflow configuration facilitating real-time data exchange. Consistent views across channels. Omni-channel precision.

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