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Parallel-MATRIXX™ Real-time Engine

Matrixx Infographic

Until now, real-time BSS solutions evolved from either Intelligent Network (IN) technology or Enterprise (IT) billing platforms.

IN solutions provide network-grade predictability, but are severely constrained in their flexibility to create and deploy new products and offers.

Enterprise billing platforms are rich in flexibility, but lack network-grade performance and reliability.

With either approach, CSPs suffer from poor time to market, massive customization costs and delays, and endless capacity extensions. This is unacceptable in a market defined by huge levels of innovation where products must be deployed in 'Internet-time'.

The Parallel-MATRIXX Real-Time Engine represents a new and disruptive solution for real-time transaction processing. Built on patented Parallel-MATRIXX technology, it provides the platform for our unified online charging, policy and insight applications. It offers the only real-time BSS Solution that combines the four key characteristics CSPs need for successful real-time policy and charging deployments:

  • Flexibility – easily configure the most sophisticated pricing plans including sharing models and large corporate hierarchies.
  • Predictability – throughput and latency remain virtually unchanged even for the most complex LTE rate plans and policies.
  • Scalability – 100 to 400 times higher performance than competing solutions.
  • Affordability – runs on a small hardware footprint of off-the-shelf Linux blade servers.

MATRIXX Telco Application Suite

Unified real-time BSS combining charging, policy and analytics.

Mobile broadband and LTE offer incredible opportunities for innovation, value creation and new ways to transform customer experiences and drive loyalty. Real-time BSS is a critical enabler for CSPs to create compelling products and offers, richly personalized and delivered at the right time to maximize value and convenience.

MATRIXX Software's Telco Application Suite provides the critical role of charging, policy and analytics at the heart of real-time BSS. It is the only solution to fully unify these capabilities on a single platform with no integration required. Running on our Parallel-MATRIXX Real-Time Engine, it offers the flexibility, operational efficiency, performance and time-to-market advantages that CSPs need to profitably address the opportunities of the mobile broadband era.

Parallel-Matrixx Real-Time Engine

MATRIXX Charging

Delivers high performance, high availability and business sophistication

MATRIXX Charging leverages our Parallel-MATRIXX Real-time Engine to uniquely deliver the complex rating and charging of today's postpaid billing systems with processing speeds more than 100 times faster than IN-based charging systems.

Download the Charging
Engine Product Brief

MATRIXX Charging was designed and built from the ground up to meet the challenges of today's digital communications landscape. MATRIXX Charging is a 3GPP standards based Online Charging Server providing:

  • Product and offer management
  • Rating, charging, discounting, and promotions
  • Subscriber lifecycle management
  • Sophisticated balance management
  • Session management
  • Real-time notifications
  • Support for enterprise accounts and hierarchies


Delivers sophisticated policy management and control

Leveraging the Parallel-MATRIXX Real-time Engine, MATRIXX Policy inherits breakthrough levels of performance while offering unrivalled operational efficiency through a single point of configuration for charging and policy rules.

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Product Brief

MATRIXX Policy allows charging and network quality of service (QoS) to be flexibly and dynamically linked to customer, service and network parameters.

MATRIXX Policy offers:

  • 3GPP Policy and Charging Rules Function for fine-grained QoS control.
  • Real-time credit and cost control, and notifications for individual, family or enterprise accounts
  • The ability to extend policy decisions to customers for personalization and spend management features such as setting a child's spending limit on a family sharing plan
  • Flexible policy configuration so that policies can be linked to financial or non-financial counters


Offers powerful information about customer behavior, spending patterns, and profitability

Built on the Parallel-MATRIXX Real-time Engine, MATRIXX Insight provides a highly efficient and cost-effective platform to run aggregation and insight-scenarios over billions of events per day.

Download the Insight
Engine Product Brief

Usage data is extremely valuable to CSPs - if they can find ways to capture, process and act on it in a timely and intelligent manner. MATRIXX Insight provides real-time insight into customer and network activity, allowing offers and policies to be precisely tailored in design and promotion. For example, the ideal time to offer a QoS upgrade is when a customer is accessing a QoS sensitive service such as video.

As the throughput and diversity of mobile data traffic grows, MATRIXX Insight also complements CSP operational capabilities by offering an immediate view of the data volume and service mix consuming network capacity.