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Deploying self-care through the smart device not only improves the customer experience, but reduces call center traffic, in some cases by as much as 20%.

MATRIXX Software's MyNOW™ solution places mobile account and service controls directly in the hands of consumers, enabling them to make real-time decisions about their usage and spend. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) can now extend an outstanding consumer experience with mobile broadband at every point of interaction with their subscriber base.

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MATRIXX Software's EnterpriseNOW™ solution provides a host of real-time service access and spending management tools for CSPs to better manage their enterprise customer accounts and equip enterprises with the tools they need to manage communications budgets and control communications costs.

Both solutions are powered by MATRIXX Software's patented Parallel-MATRIXX™ Technology, redefining the relationship with consumer and enterprise customers by making it a real-time, interactive, intuitive experience for everyone.

Read more in the EnterpriseNOW Solution brief

Write-offs due to enterprise customer bill shock are often more than $20 million a month.