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Real-time charging and policy management are converging functions that together can create a powerful single control point to differentiate services and out-compete rivals, while offering a more intimate, personalized approach to serving broadband customers.

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Offering one-size-fits-all mobile broadband plans is no longer a viable strategy.

MATRIXX Software's Integrated Policy and Charging solution offers the best of charging and policy management functions. For Communications Service Providers (CSPs) seeking a single, flexible way to control and charge for network traffic, it combines charging with subscriber preferences that both enforce fair usage and empower subscribers with visibility and control over their own spending. By providing CSPs with a single view and control point, Integrated Policy and Charging (IPC) enables them to create real-time subscriber relationships that are more personalized and profitable than today's stand-alone policy solutions.

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Armed with multiple devices, today's consumers have several tariff plans, payment methods and varying access networks. In this environment, CSPs are challenged to manage customers as a single entity offering them a cohesive, compelling brand. CSPs want to bundle products and services together regardless of the access network, be ultra-competitive by quickly deploying new pricing models and discounts, and create new pre-paid, post-paid and hybrid offerings to fit a constantly evolving market.

MATRIXX Software's Convergent Charging solution delivers a flexible, hyper-efficient platform for the creation of compelling, integrated service bundles. It delivers a single pricing, rating and charging solution that provides the central link between services, payment methods and devices.