Digital Commerce:
It’s Not Just Billing 2.0

It’s the Beginning of the End for Legacy BSS

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Find out Why Digital Leaders Are Opting for a New Digital Commerce Platform Over an Upgraded Billing Solution

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Are Digital Commerce Solutions Really Just Billing 2.0?

Are Digital Commerce Solutions Really Just Billing 2.0?

How is digital commerce evolving beyond merely being the next generation of billing? Today’s consumer has higher expectations than yesterday’s subscriber. To keep up, telcos must adopt a solution that meets these demands.

Digital Commerce Can. Billing Can’t.

Digital commerce helps operators compete and win in today’s on-demand economy. Conventional billing, designed for subscriber-driven utility services, doesn’t.

Digital Commerce

Fast, effortless online customer engagement

Digital Consumers

Demanding and individually self-supporting

Digital Service Provider

Dynamic, agile and market-leading operators

Legacy Billing vs. the Modern Platform

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Conventional Billing Systems

  • Endless cycle of software code and test
  • Costly hardware, software and skills
  • Designed primarily for high volume batch
  • Closed, uncommunicative functionality

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Digital Commerce Platforms

  • Agile and configurable. Deploy new plans in hours
  • Minimal compute resources
  • High performance real-time interactivity
  • Open communication with customers
You can’t deliver digital transformation on legacy billing systems that were developed for a different purpose; you need to re-tool with digital-grade technology.

Why Digital Commerce Is the Best Path Forward

Digital Grade, Better Operating Model

Lower cost, faster results.

New digital capabilities run alongside existing infrastructure and deliver the experience that today’s customers expect.

Greater agility, reduced operational costs.

Open APIs replace heavy systems integration. Configuration-based platform eliminates the need for coding and resets the cost base.

Cloud & 5G ready solution.

Deploy in public or private cloud and configure to drive 5G monetization.

A new digital stack can operate independently based on a simpler IT architecture and modern software while legacy systems continue to perform the core processes they were designed for.

Make Digital Commerce Happen. Today.

Invest in a new and simplified IT stack – not another systems upgrade

Cut investment in end-of-life legacy – reset your cost expectations

Separate digital from existing IT – give digital commerce room to grow

What a New Stack Looks Like

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