MATRIXX Software Reinforces the Linux Foundation’s Silicon Valley Mentality

Marc Price

As Kubernetes celebrates its fifth birthday, it seems fitting that MATRIXX is joining the Linux Foundation this month. The Linux Foundation’s Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) seed project has become the world’s leading solution for automating application deployment. It is unquestionably central to service providers’ 5G future and provides a model for how open source can positively impact modern software design.

MATRIXX is extremely pleased to join the Linux Foundation Networking (LFN) group at a time when cloud native network functions and open source are more important than ever for service providers. As a Silicon Valley based company committed to innovation and digital disruption, MATRIXX is uniquely positioned to aid LFN members as we advance a new generation of services inspired by web-scale best practices.

Cloud native applications began in Silicon Valley and have changed the way that solutions are built, deployed, scaled, and managed in complex networks. The Linux Foundation’s burgeoning ecosystem is both a cause and effect of accelerated adoption of open source and open standards-based networking technologies.

Fostering Collaboration and Innovation Among Digital Leaders

In joining LFN, MATRIXX will work alongside Verizon, Vodafone, Orange, AT&T, Bell and many others to advance common goals. Together with these pioneering thought-leaders, we will collaborate with a multitude of standards bodies, including ETSI, TM Forum, MEF and 3GPP, to provide the reference architectures for standards development.

MATRIXX is aligned with the Linux Foundation’s goals of supporting a working virtual network functions (VNF) commercial ecosystem. This includes ONAP as both a reference architecture and reference code for automation while spearheading our industry’s transition from VNFs to cloud native network functions (CNNF) by harnessing CNCF open source technologies including Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, and Fluentd.

A Pivotal Time for Digital Providers

Digital disruption and 5G networks impose an essential and desirable paradigm shift on the development methodology, tools, and processes involved in managing distributed applications. This enables dynamic network capabilities and massively streamlines the cost and time to market for new digital services in an expanding device landscape.

MATRIXX brings its innovative portfolio and design thinking into collaboration with LFN members to solve modern networking problems in a flattening landscape between network and information technology solutions. Advances in networking technology are increasingly enabling service providers to harness the same tools and processes as large web scale enterprises.

MATRIXX is Shaping Digital Disruption

With five new digital launches already this year, MATRIXX is having an enormous impact globally with operators advancing digital disruption. Users’ experiences with service providers are becoming increasingly real-time, with meaningful interactions producing measurable value. As a leader in real-time, cloud native and 5G solutions, MATRIXX is working with our service provider and vendor partners to achieve transformative changes with the technologies and new business models for the next era of telecommunications.

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