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Time for Telcos to Take a U-Turn

To regain consumer trust, telecoms are going to have to move past price and network comparisons. If I had to pick a soundtrack to accompany the recent hype around Telcos launching “unlimited” plans, it would be Talking Heads’ Road to Nowhere. I realize the shift is...

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Customer Experience: Service is King

Picture the scene: you’ve popped into a shop to pick up a ‘treat’  you saw through the window; cake, a piece of vintage clothing or limited edition jewelry.The line is long, and you keep getting “I’m sorry, I’ll be with you as soon as I can” looks from the store...

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How to Act like a Digital Local

‘When in Rome do as the Romans do.’ An old adage that telecoms firms would do well to pay attention to as they embark on their journey to transform themselves from communications service providers (CSPs) into digital service providers (DSPs). So how can DSPs act like...

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Putting the NOW into Payments

Examples of mobile pricing innovation are proliferating like mushrooms in a damp forest. Traditional bundles of data, voice and text are being deconstructed to be re-combined as highly personalized and configurable plans tuned to digital consumers’ lifestyles....

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