Bringing Commercial Agility to Telecom

Faster Go-to-Market with Lower Risk and Cost

What Is Commercial Agility?

Commercial agility measures how quickly a company can respond to changing market conditions. Historically this hasn’t been easy for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) — new services took years to develop and even longer to deploy, were capital-intensive, and were based on built-for-purpose hardware and proprietary software.

But virtualization and other digital technologies are abstracting the network, making ownership of the infrastructure less critical to providing telecom services. This has enabled new competitors to emerge, changing market conditions and forcing carriers to make strategic choices that will reshape their business models, products and services.

Benefits of Commercial Agility

A Profound Change in Service Delivery

Increased Efficiency

Traditional development includes the time intensive code-and-test cycles, typically done by the solution vendor. Modern “no-code” products allow services to be self-configured by the operator, greatly reducing time-to-market.

Lower Costs

Inefficiencies, inconsistencies, bottlenecks and error-prone manual processes can be reduced or eliminated with automation, saving both time and money. Automating areas such as builds, testing, deployments and monitoring improves efficiency and reduces errors.

Lower Risk

No-code self-configuration makes launching and changing services much faster and easier. Lowered costs and dependencies mean greater freedom to experiment and test different commercial propositions with low cost and low risk.

How Can Telcos Become Commercially Agile

The shift enabled by digitalization and cloud native will be profound, and commercial agility will be essential for carriers to succeed. CSPs must adapt their mindset and reimagine their business beyond core services. They must find new sources of revenue by rapidly creating and iterating new offerings, understanding customer segmentation, delivering differentiated services and introducing value-based pricing that reflects content, context and quality.

These changes are underpinned by the systems that support them, but legacy systems are still in use that lock in existing processes and behaviors. The MATRIXX platform provides the necessary flexibility for enabling new business models at scale.

MATRIXX Digital Commerce provides the necessary flexibility for new business models at scale.

Commercial Agility in Action

The MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform (MATRIXX DCP) is an agile monetization platform that allows new services to be launched or modified in as little as a few hours.

MATRIXX DCP enables the rapid delivery of new features and improvements through an iterative approach that constantly improves customer experience with regular improvements and new functionality delivered at a pace that would be impossible with legacy business systems.

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