Bringing Customer Agility to Telecom 

Frictionless Selection and Management of Products and Services 

CSPs Must Reinvent Their Approach to Customer Service, Satisfaction and Delight

Customer agility reflects the ease with which customers can purchase and utilize products or services. While many service providers have invested in digital channels to improve customer engagement, it’s a mistake to think that customer experience is addressed in the engagement layer alone.

Digital channels are dependent on the systems underneath them, systems that drive detailed business logic around service parameters, service quality, and how those options can be priced and monetize on the fly. MATRIXX enables the customer experience to go deeper, beyond the engagement layer, to monetization layer where products and services are packaged, charged and rated.

Improving the Engagement Layer Is Not Enough

Transform Self-Service

Many CSPs have invested a lot to improve the engagement layer but competing against cloud services providers and other emerging players will require going much deeper.

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Seamless Customer Journeys

Especially for the enterprise, this requires an end-to-end connection between the engagement layer and core services, including purchasing and provisioning, as well as ongoing usage and spend information.

The Monetization Platform

Service providers must rethink their approach to customer engagement while evolving their core business toward more complex value-based commercial models that reflect content, context, SLAs and more.

A core component of this evolution is the monetization platform, which maintains the commercial logic connecting customer-facing engagement channels with network services. The platform must be extremely flexible and able to support the unpredictable mix of services and charging logic that will emerge and change in an increasingly dynamic market.

A modern monetization platform is key to evolving core business models.

O2 Telefónica: Customer Agility in Action

To deliver on its simpler, faster, better vision, O2 Telefónica required a flexible cloud native platform capable of supporting the exploration and execution of new monetization models for consumer, enterprise and IoT services. MATRIXX is that platform.

The solution MATRIXX delivered for O2 Telefónica supports future digital services, running at web scale with the resilience to handle tomorrow’s challenges.

See the Telefónica Case Study

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