The nation’s first 100% cloud native, OpenRAN architecture and fully virtualized 5G network. Defining the business model for Standalone 5G.

Customer Case Study: DISH

Why 5G Leaders, Lead With MATRIXX

Agility. Flexibility. Scalability.

Cloud Native Microservices Architecture

Flexible APIs for Northbound BSS interaction

Extensible interaction with 5G Core Network

Support for any use case, including Dynamic Pricing

Charlie Ergen
We like to pick best-in-class vendors that share our vision.”
Charlie Ergen Co-founder and Chairman, DISH

Why MATRIXX was Selected as the DISH Converged Charging System (CCS)

Only fully productized 5G CCS in the market

Cloud native, proven in public and private cloud

Best-in-class execution of cloud automation

Proven agility in multi-vendor network trials

Click-not-code, not a custom-built solution

Support for real-time taxation and GL journaling

Enabling New Wholesale Business Models

DISH is on a mission to disrupt the market. To leverage new network features including enhanced access control, session-based charging and network slicing to create a new category of ‘network on demand’ propositions for enterprise.

Only MATRIXX: Creating a New IT Stack for 5G SA

DISH deployed MATRIXX to:

  • Build a state-of-the-art technology stack for 5G
  • Embrace zero-touch, CI/CD pipeline and pricing automation
  • Support new business models for Consumer, Enterprise and B2B2X
  • Launch any plan, at any time, based on configuration only
  • Leverage cloud-based infrastructure to reset the cost model
MATRIXX and 3 UK diagram

How MATRIXX Delivered for DISH

agile icon

Use Case Flexibility

Capable of exposing and charging for every new network capability

click icon


Product configuration of business rules and use cases eliminate customization

dynamic charging icon

Dynamic Pricing

Real-time calculations based on dynamic variables and network conditions

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