5G Converged Charging for Business and Consumers Deployed in the Cloud

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Customer Case Study: O2 Telefónica

The First Charging Platform Deployed on Google Cloud’s Confidential Computing

Flexible. Agile. Cloud native.

Quickly Implement New Features and Services

Lean IT Architecture to Replace Legacy Silos

All Components are Cloud Native and API-Based

Agile and Self-Sufficient Operating Model

Mallik Rao
With the combination of MATRIXX Software and Google Cloud, we offer our B2B customers a tremendously secure and maximally configurable billing system on a massively scalable public cloud platform.”
Mallik Rao CTIO, O2 Telefónica

Why Telefónica Selected MATRIXX to Enable B2B Customer Solutions Charging

Best 5G CCS Product

Available in the market

Cloud Native

Proven in public, private and hybrid cloud

Product Vision

Configuration replaces customization

Proven Feature Set

In multi-vendor technical trials

Flexible APIs

For interaction with other IT systems


Enables self-sufficient operation

Empowering Innovative 5G Services on the Public Cloud

Telefónica needed a completely secure and maximally-configurable charging system on a massively scalable public cloud platform.

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Only MATRIXX: Creating a New IT Stack for 5G SA

Telefónica is deploying MATRIXX in combination with Salesforce, Hansen and CompaxDigital to:

  • Build two state-of-the-art technology stacks for 5G
  • Simplify charging workflows between network and IT
  • Embrace zero-touch, CI/CD pipeline and pricing automation
  • Accelerate adoption of digital self-care
  • Support new business models for Consumer and Enterprise
  • Consolidate charging for all segments on one real-time system
  • Leverage cloud native infrastructure to reset the cost model
Telefonica MATRIXX diagram

How MATRIXX Delivered for Telefónica

agile icon

Use Case Flexibility

Capable of exposing and charging for every new network capability

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Product configuration of business rules and use cases eliminating customization

Platform icon

Single Platform

Consolidate charging for 5G, consumer, enterprise and fixed on one next-generation system

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