Three UK and
MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Three UK built a greenfield, cloud native IT stack to
deliver an omnichannel digital experience. Discover how.

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Three UK: Replacing Legacy Frustration with Modern Agility

With over 10 million customers and a market share of 11%, Three’s strategy is to be the best-loved brand by both customers and employees. Three concluded that complex, legacy technology was holding back its disruptive ambition.

Laying the Foundation for the Future of Communication

Three needed to modernize their BSS infrastructure in preparation for 5G. In addition to adding a new engagement layer powered by Salesforce | Vlocity, they wanted flexible rating and charging, with the agility, performance and scale to monetize any opportunity that 5G throws at them. Three wants to offer the UK’s best 5G experience, and they have built a technology stack to make it a reality.

“Simply recreating existing applications as 'digital' isn’t good enough. We believe that the technology developed by MATRIXX Software can help every operator achieve its transformation objectives.”

Susan Buttsworth, COO, 3UK

Building a Greenfield, Cloud Native IT Stack

Three’s Rebus digital transformation program leveraged the latest developments in digital and cloud technology to build a greenfield capability for the future. The design principles were to be cloud-first, to embrace automation and to force simplification. The key program objectives were:

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Business agility

To reduce time to market for new products from months to days

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Reduced cost-to-serve

To reduce the time and associated costs to serve customers

Transformed experience

To deliver a step-change in customer/employee experience


Consumer Prepay, Reinvented

3 UK app with MATRIXX Digital Commerce

PAYG supercharged, control, track
and flex on the new Three app
  • New App, New Experience

    With enhanced control, flexibility and self-service

  • Flexible Top-Up

    With 1-click, recurring and automatic options

  • Richer Self-Care

    Simple journeys no longer need the call center

  • Guided Journeys

    Make registration simple and easy

  • Enhanced Care

    In-app chat for better conversations

Only MATRIXX: Creating a New Digital BSS Stack

Three deployed MATRIXX Digital Commerce as part of a comprehensive solution with Salesforce Vlocity because they wanted to:

  • Build a state-of-the-art digital telco platform on cloud native technology
  • Enable 100% digital journeys to improve margins and upsell capabilities
  • Offer a seamless omnichannel experience to drive acquisition and reduce churn
  • Optimize customer interaction across self-care, retail stores and call center

Three UK and MATRIXX Digital BSS Stack Diagram

How MATRIXX Was Able to Deliver

Agile icon

Agile to deploy with configurable APIs and gateways replacing interface programming

cloud native with arrows icon

Cloud native, 5G ready with over a dozen successful digital transformations

No code configuration enables rapid change, reducing the time to market for every offer

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