Delta Partners Case Study

MATRIXX Software and Delta Partners

Co-Creating a Digital-First Customer Journey

MATRIXX Software and Delta Partners worked together to deliver an innovative business plan and transformative technology to a major telecom operator.

Delivering Digital Transformation

The operator, with interests in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, needed to fast-track their digital transformation efforts and offer a disruptive, on-demand experience to their customers.

Together, MATRIXX Software and Delta Partners:

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Reviewed the operator’s portfolio and identified ways to evolve their brand

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Proposed an agile development approach to launch in the market quickly

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Devised two go-to-market (GTM) offers that featured innovative digital offerings

MVP: Providing a Fast-Track Agile Solution

To get these capabilities into the market quickly, MATRIXX suggested utilizing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach. This strategy allowed offerings to be introduced in phases and invited consumer feedback to influence any future plans.

Leveraging MVP Supplied a Rich Digital Experience and Allowed the Operator to Launch in Only Seven Months.
Find out how
MVP Fast-Track to Digital

MVP Fast-Track to Digital

Digital leaders are embracing MVP to deliver meaningful change in under six months. Read other MVP case studies and learn why this approach has become best practice for fast-track digital execution.

Bi-Modal Architecture: A Modern Method to Delivery

MATRIXX proposed an express digital-stack approach utilizing a bi-modal architecture. With a bi-modal method, new capabilities are dispatched through a new digital commerce platform that respects the legacy infrastructure but can also run independently.

A Bi-Modal Approach:

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Lowers deployment expenses with quicker results as capabilities run independently, yet simultaneously

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Prepares for innovation, such as 5G, by using cloud native technology that is simpler to operate and more scalable

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Lessens operational costs as configuration-based software eliminates the need for coding and testing of new features

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Allows operators to provide customers modern digital experiences efficiently without putting ongoing revenue at risk

The MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform was deployed for all aspects of rating, charging, products and other CRM capabilities.

Future Ambitions

With the first phase of the project successfully launched, the customer is promoting the plan throughout their market. Once their KPIs are achieved, the service offering will be scaled out from the initial features. The second phase aims to attract new customers, maintain momentum with existing customers and grow their value in the market.

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