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MATRIXX Digital Commerce – Rapid design of digital service propositions, on-demand customer engagement, agile delivery of traditional and digital services, flexible real-time service charging and monetization.


Build digital propositions quickly, including voice, data and new digital services.


Let customers discover, buy, use and get support on-demand, through mobile first, fully digital journeys.

MATRIXX Technology Core

Patented high-speed decision engine and in-memory database technologies execute business rules, process transactions and manage all data in a single, extensible data store.


Manage traditional voice and modern data services in one platform. Streamline provisioning and product delivery.


Enable flexible charging (prepay, post-pay and hybrid), with simplified billing and support for Pay Now card payments.

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Learn more about how MATRIXX Digital Commerce delivers a next-generation digital experience.

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Say goodbye to multi-year IT transformation.
Say hello to MATRIXX Digital Commerce. Powered by the MATRIXX Technology Core.

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