MATRIXX Technology Core

Making Innovative Digital Experiences.

Patented, Purpose-Built Technology Innovation

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Business Rules Execution

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Transaction Processing

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Data Management

Lead with Truly Unique Technology

Consumers expect you to give them a better digital experience. The MATRIXX Technology Core makes it possible.

Digital Transformation Begins with the MATRIXX Technology Core

Business Rule Execution. Transformed.

Business Rule Execution. Transformed.

Replace complex, conditional logic with algebraic equations and mathematical functions. Efficiently utilize modern computing power.


Consistent, low latency responses to both your network and your subscribers regardless of business rule complexity.

Market Agility. <br>Enabled.

Market Agility.

Say goodbye to coding of new use cases and business models. Say hello to our patented decision table architecture, and its intuitive, visual interface.


Launch new services and offers in hours instead of months.

Application Performance Bottlenecks. Eliminated.

Application Performance Bottlenecks. Eliminated.

Stop locking data and serializing transactions. Transform your transaction through put with ACID-compliant parallel processing.


100 customers or 100 million, handle any number of simultaneous transactions, guaranteed to produce the right answer every time.

Single Source of Truth. Guaranteed.

Single Source of Truth. Guaranteed.

Put an end to disparate silos of data with our proprietary, in-memory database. Support any type of business model with flexible objects.


A single, extensible data store. Improving IT operations. Delivering customer experience. Powering digital leaders.


A Single Core

Providing the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform with breakthrough capabilities.

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