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The Digital Dozen eBook: B2B Use Cases

The enterprise market is the new growth battleground for telcos. Service differentiation is everything, driving the need for a new and more dynamic commercial and experience model.

Outcome-Based Pricing

Achieving sustainable differentiation in the commercial model to B2B customers is vital for growth. Outcome-based pricing, which moves the focus away from commoditized technology offers and trades in the currency of business outcomes, is a key part of that strategy.

Qvantel and MATRIXX

Qvantel & MATRIXX B2B: Get Set for Digital Now

Rapid digitization of the commercial model and relationship between telcos and enterprise customers is a key growth imperative for the telco industry. Increased competition from hyperscalers and private network players dictates the need for a more progressive, dynamic monetization model. The integration of the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform with Flex BSS from Qvantel lays a clear foundation for that approach.

New Dynamic in Telco B2B Commerce

A New Dynamic in Telco B2B Commerce

Real-time charging has become a necessity for enhancing telco enterprise BSS stacks with new digital monetization models and opportunities. Revenue growth requirements, the acceleration of digital delivery adoption and monetization platform scale and resiliency are the key change agents driving that need.

TM Forum and MATRIXX Software

Next Generation BSS the Telefónica Way

Read this report by TM Forum to discover how Telefónica Germany evolved its approach to BSS transformation and selected MATRIXX DCP as the monetization engine for their new B2C and B2B stacks. and MATRIXX Software

Data-Driven Insights Improve CSP Business Outcomes

MATRIXX and are addressing the challenges faced by CSPs in harnessing complex data. Learn how CSPs can use data to create advanced customer experiences, offer personalized products and plans to their customers and further optimize their operations.‍

Reimagining the Small and Medium Enterprise Opportunity

With consumer markets relatively flat, the growth spotlight of telco executives and shareholders is focused on the enterprise market. With B2B business expected to contribute some 50% of telco revenue by 2025, the key question is where will that growth come from?

MATRIXX DCP Performance Benchmark

Explore the results of the DCP performance benchmark using real world configuration for 4G and 5G offers and usage, conducted with partners IBM Telco Cloud, Red Hat and Intel.


TCS HOBS™ and MATRIXX Digital Commerce – a Joint Offering

MATRIXX and Tata have joined forces to offer the market a comprehensive digital monetization platform for CSPs.

Protecting Your 5G Revenue Stream in the Cloud

Protecting Your 5G Revenue Stream in the Cloud

High-performing real-time monetization processes can be deployed securely in the cloud.

MATRIXX: The Key Role of Converged Charging Telco Enterprise Service Delivery

The Key Role of Converged Charging Telco Enterprise Service Delivery

Telco opportunity in the enterprise ICT services market is under an increasing threat from the four forces of discontinuity: competition, technological disruption, operational lethargy and changes in enterprise IT buying patterns. A new, lean approach to the monetization of mobile, fixed and application/content services, with an increased focus on real-time, on-demand services and flexible payment options, is the game changer required to repel that threat.

Incrementing Value in Consumer Fixed and Mobile Portfolios banner

Incrementing Value in Consumer Fixed and Mobile Portfolios

Increased digital channels usage and telecommuting, both accelerated by the pandemic, are opening up fresh new opportunities for telcos to monetize their fixed and mobile consumer portfolios. That opportunity is predicated on a series of new, value based offers and plans and not simply a continuation of 'cost plus' quad-play bundling activities.

TPG Telecom

TPG Telecom Partners with MATRIXX

Read why TPG chose MATRIXX to fuel the success of their multi-brand strategy.

Orange Romania YOXO and MATRIXX Software

Orange Romania Partners With MATRIXX

To reach a new market segment that demands digital-first mobile experiences, Orange Romania launched the nation’s first all-digital mobile brand.

Winning the 5G Enterprise Race

Winning the 5G Enterprise Race

A simple ‘speeds and feeds’ offering combined with a ‘wait and see’ attitude towards the 5G enterprise opportunity will result in missed opportunities from which it will be impossible to recover. Telco enterprise leaders need to seize the moment with a proactive, 5G-led revamp of their portfolio offerings and their charging approach that is unconstrained by legacy thinking and technology.

Myth of Cloud Native Workloads

The Myth of Cloud Native Workloads

These days it’s virtually impossible to discuss anything telecoms-related without invoking the term cloud native. This is a potential game changer for how service providers manage workloads.

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