MATRIXX and Salesforce B2B Experience

Reimagining the B2B Experience

5G brings many opportunities for telcos to provide differentiated experiences for their business customers and grow revenue streams.


TCS HOBS™ and MATRIXX Digital Commerce – a Joint Offering

MATRIXX and Tata have joined forces to offer the market a comprehensive digital monetization platform for CSPs.

Protecting Your 5G Revenue Stream in the Cloud

Protecting Your 5G Revenue Stream in the Cloud

High-performing real-time monetization processes can be deployed securely in the cloud.

MATRIXX: The Key Role of Converged Charging Telco Enterprise Service Delivery

The Key Role of Converged Charging Telco Enterprise Service Delivery

Telco opportunity in the enterprise ICT services market is under an increasing threat from the four forces of discontinuity: competition, technological disruption, operational lethargy and changes in enterprise IT buying patterns. A new, lean approach to the monetization of mobile, fixed and application/content services, with an increased focus on real-time, on-demand services and flexible payment options, is the game changer required to repel that threat.

TPG Telecom

TPG Telecom Partners with MATRIXX

Read why TPG chose MATRIXX to fuel the success of their multi-brand strategy.

Orange Romania YOXO and MATRIXX Software

YOXO: How OR Was First to Market with All-Digital Mobile

To reach a new market segment that demands digital-first mobile experiences, Orange Romania launched the nation’s first all-digital mobile brand.

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Monetizing 5G with B2B2X Partners

This Heavy Reading report, with our partner Salesforce, looks at the role partner ecosystems will play in 5G Monetization. It also explores the key capabilities that will be required to deliver a marketplace of compelling B2B services and to support emerging B2B2X business models.

MATRIXX Cloud Native Implementation

MATRIXX Cloud Native Implementation

With 5G driving the need for flexible performance and elastic scalability, cloud native deployments are becoming the primary choice for most organizations. The MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform is deployed as a cloud native, containerized application, orchestrated and managed by Kubernetes.

Adaptive Quota Management

Adaptive Quota Management

Adaptive Quota Management provides highly accurate quota management, particularly at threshold points. It eradicates erroneous quota reporting and related customer satisfaction issues along with massively reducing signaling traffic.

MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform

MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform

A single platform for managing digital products and traditional network services that delivers an on-demand customer experience.

MATRIXX and Telefónica eBook

Telefónica Selects MATRIXX for 5G Converged Charging

Telefónica Germany/O2 has an ambitious vision to transform the experience for consumer and enterprise customers on their new 5G standalone network. 

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