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Telefónica Selects MATRIXX for 5G Converged Charging

Telefónica Germany/O2 has an ambitious vision to transform the experience for consumer and enterprise customers on their new 5G standalone network. 

Are We Ready to Sustainably Monetize 5G

Are We Ready to Sustainably Monetize 5G?

5G is an opportunity to re-energize the telco business model and in order to obtain long-term 5G profitability, telcos must consider significant changes to their business strategies. Explore the five essential questions that telco leadership should be asking to get the most value out of 5G.

4G double edged sword for emerging markets

Is 4G a Double-Edged Sword for Emerging Markets?

As 4G becomes more prominent in emerging markets, new revenue opportunities and better customer experiences will follow. However, what does this mean for operators in both emerging and leading economies?

telcoms 5G and IoT cover

Will Telecoms Get More Than the Connection Share of 5G + IoT?

Thanks to 5G and IoT, enterprise transformation is accelerating. But, how will telcos benefit from these innovations as they open up new ways to monetize offerings, manage capabilities and conduct business?

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Monetizing Digital Opportunities in Enterprise Telco

In the past, telco revenue from enterprise relied on connectivity services. However, non-connectivity services, such as cloud and security, are now significant revenue drivers, forcing operators to find new ways to satisfy their enterprise segment.

Are Digital Commerce Solutions Really Just Billing 2.0?

How is digital commerce evolving beyond merely being the next generation of billing? Today’s consumer has higher expectations than yesterday’s subscriber. To keep up, telcos must adopt a solution that meets these demands.

New Digital Opportunities in Enterprise

Digital-first commerce goes beyond the consumer, as the same capabilities open opportunities for Enterprise in spending, departmental management, asset control and more. However, with IoT and 5G, Enterprise must have a digital platform that is equipped to handle these functions.

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5G: The Six Critical Monetization Elements

As telcos roll-out 5G and generate new commercial models, legacy monetization solutions cannot be expected to work in this new environment. There are key monetization elements that must be addressed to achieve true digital transformation.

Hello 5G

With 5G, users will be able to do everything they’re doing today, but faster. These enhanced digital experiences are driving telcos to adopt new monetization strategies. Discover how telcos are using 5G to better the mobile journey and gain consumer loyalty.

MVP Fast-Track to Digital

Digital leaders are embracing MVP to deliver meaningful change in under six months. Read other MVP case studies and learn why this approach has become best practice for fast-track digital execution.

Rethinking Transformation

A new digital customer experience will require a new digital operating model. The best approach will depend on your digital strategy, market context and appetite for rapid change. Discover how leading telcos can reinvent themselves into leaders of the digital economy.

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The Ultimate 150 Points of Opportunity – Digital Playbook

Customers use their mobile devices 150+ times per day. Each of those is a monetization opportunity won or lost. Discover how on-demand personalization, social sharing, rewards programs and digital-assets-as-currency can help you lead with digital.

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