Network Slicing: Unleashing Business Model Innovation

To successfully monetize 5G, telcos must assume new roles and partnerships, especially in the enterprise space. As part of a broad-based strategy for 5G, successfully utilizing network slicing will deliver improved B2B, B2C, B2B2B and B2B2C opportunities, propel innovation and unleash a wave of possibilities.

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Beecham Research: 5G: New Service Opportunities for Network Operators?

What will be the real impact of 5G for consumers and mobile operators? Consumers are generally satisfied with 4G, which will require 5G to deliver powerful experiences. Beecham Research explores how to make the most out of 5G with the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform.

5G Positioning and Pricing Strategies: Driving to 5G Success

As 5G development enters a stage of early deployments, MATRIXX commissioned Strategy Analytics to assess the state of 5G positioning, packaging and pricing. After speaking with end-users and key members of global telco teams, they uncovered some innovative approaches to 5G to expand digital engagement.

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10 Ways to Make Money with 5G

Consumers are starting to get excited about 5G, but how can providers turn this energy into revenue? It starts with digital experience, service agility and scalable performance. Explore real-world use cases and some of today’s most promising monetization opportunities in this playbook for digital leaders.

Why Legacy Telco BSS Needs a Reboot

Why Legacy Telco BSS Needs a Reboot

Many telcos rely on customer care and billing systems that are unchanged since the nineties. However, as digital transformation becomes imminent, the old school approach to BSS cannot continue to support telco’s evolution.

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MATRIXX and Salesforce Transform BSS Together

MATRIXX and Salesforce provide market-leading solutions for customer engagement and commerce that come together as a cloud native digital BSS, so that CSPs can easily create compelling digital experiences across all B2C, B2B and B2B2X market segments.

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IDC: Building for B2B Success in a 5G World

IDC surveyed 300 organizations around the globe to find out how they view their mobile service providers and how operators can begin to build a more partner-focused relationship through transparency and self-service.

Are We Ready to Sustainably Monetize 5G

Are We Ready to Sustainably Monetize 5G?

5G is an opportunity to re-energize the telco business model and in order to obtain long-term 5G profitability, telcos must consider significant changes to their business strategies. Explore the five essential questions that telco leadership should be asking to get the most value out of 5G.

4G double edged sword for emerging markets

Is 4G a Double-Edged Sword for Emerging Markets?

As 4G becomes more prominent in emerging markets, new revenue opportunities and better customer experiences will follow. However, what does this mean for operators in both emerging and leading economies?

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Will Telecoms Get More Than the Connection Share of 5G + IoT?

Thanks to 5G and IoT, enterprise transformation is accelerating. But, how will telcos benefit from these innovations as they open up new ways to monetize offerings, manage capabilities and conduct business?

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Monetizing Digital Opportunities in Enterprise Telco

In the past, telco revenue from enterprise relied on connectivity services. However, non-connectivity services, such as cloud and security, are now significant revenue drivers, forcing operators to find new ways to satisfy their enterprise segment.

New Digital Opportunities in Enterprise

Digital-first commerce goes beyond the consumer, as the same capabilities open opportunities for Enterprise in spending, departmental management, asset control and more. However, with IoT and 5G, Enterprise must have a digital platform that is equipped to handle these functions.

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