MATRIXX and Telefónica eBook

Telefónica Selects MATRIXX for 5G Converged Charging

Telefónica Germany/O2 has an ambitious vision to transform the experience for consumer and enterprise customers on their new 5G standalone network. 

ready for the telco customer of 2022

Are We Ready for the Telco Consumer of 2022?

Customer behavior and expectations are evolving at a rapid pace, meaning that if telcos want to remain relevant, they must adjust their digital technology to meet the needs of this emerging consumer.

Crossing the Digital Divide

While telcos offer many technologically advanced services, they recognize that a fully digitalized business would achieve more revenue opportunities. What can telcos do to formulate a solid strategy and bring tactical digital transformation to their business?

Creating a New IT Stack for Digital

As telcos go forward with digital transformation, they need to move beyond simply upgrading systems to investing in a new digital stack that will operate alongside existing infrastructure.

451 Group: Fast Tracking Telcos to Digital Transformation

Digital Leaders are shifting from traditional multi-year IT transformations to more rapid execution models that can deliver meaningful change in under six months.

Why Digital Leaders Start From Scratch

Digital leaders have had enough of traditional transformation. They are choosing to start fresh, with a new digital stack built on the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform.

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