Accelerating Cloud Monetization Strategies

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Partner Strategic Initiative: Google Cloud

Google Cloud and MATRIXX Partnered with Heavy Reading

Google Cloud and MATRIXX partnered with Heavy Reading to survey communications service providers (CSPs) across the globe and gain insights into their views on cloud monetization, exploring:

  • Preferred cloud deployment models, applications, and/or core functions prioritized to run on the public cloud
  • The impact of emerging business models such as business-to-business-to-X (B2B2X)
  • The role of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation
  • The extent of perceived monetization barriers
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With more than half of CSPs adopting a public or hybrid cloud strategy, they can accelerate time to benefit by adopting a Google Cloud and MATRIXX.

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Google Cloud

MATRIXX Is Validated Within Google’s 100% Encrypted Environment

Google Cloud Confidential Computing is a breakthrough technology that encrypts data while it is being processed, in addition to encrypting data while at rest or in transit. Carriers can be confident that data is secure as they migrate to the cloud.

The MATRIXX 5G charging solution is validated on Google Cloud with Confidential Computing enabled. No changes were required to MATRIXX for it to successfully process data within the encrypted environment.

Data at Rest

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Data in Transit

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Data in Process

MATRIXX Validated to Maintain Tier-1 Performance With 100% Encrypted Data

The project was conducted in partnership with a European Tier-1 mobile operator. The process validated that MATRIXX can operate within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) public cloud with Confidential Computing enabled, without any changes to the MATRIXX monetization solution, and while maintaining the throughput and scalability required for a Tier-1 real-time application.


Learn more in this MATRIXX white paper, Protecting Your 5G Revenue Stream in the Cloud.

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Confidential Computing Enables Scalability While Protecting Privacy and Achieves Regulatory Compliance

Carriers are increasingly transitioning their operations to the cloud to gain advantages in speed, cost and scale, and to expand their reach to customers and business partners alike. At the same time, carriers face intensifying data protection and privacy regulations. CSPs must evaluate every facet of their operations by placing the security of their customer data at the forefront of their requirements. A cloud environment that facilitates the security and encryption of customer data at all times provides for both operational and regulatory requirements.


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Regulatory Compliance

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Operational Performance

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Commercial Agility

How Confidential Computing Works

  • Carriers deployed within Google Cloud can encrypt data in use, taking advantage of confidential computing cloud services as well as security technology offered by modern CPUs.
  • Customers can be confident that their data will stay private and encrypted at all times, even while being processed.
  • When MATRIXX is deployed in Google Cloud with Confidential Computing, all subscriber data, account balances, network events and charges/revenue streams are encrypted in use without making any code changes to the application or compromising on performance.
Data in Use Encrypted via SEV

Data in Use Encrypted via SEV

Providing an Environment for New Business Opportunities

With MATRIXX and Google Cloud Confidential Computing, a CSP can immediately support business scenarios that previously had been next to impossible, including collaborating with a growing number of partners to develop, launch and deliver innovative offers while preserving the confidentiality of their customers’ private data.

Protecting Your 5G Revenue Stream in the Cloud

High-performing, real-time monetization processes can be deployed securely in the cloud. Learn more in this MATRIXX white paper.

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