People First. Innovation Always.

“Too often companies talk about integrity with customers without understanding that integrity begins and ends with employees.”
Terry Wong
VP of Human Resources

People First. Always.

Are you a leader and an innovator? A risk-taker and a rule-breaker? Do you think out of the box, in or out of the office? If the answer is yes, see what MATRIXX is all about.

We Keep It Real

Honesty + constructive feedback + non-negotiable respect = creation of something truly great.

Innovation Beyond Borders

With teams across the world, our people form invaluable connections, have unique experiences and are able to explore new ideas and cultures. Working at MATRIXX means you have space to innovate, room to challenge your own limits and countless opportunities to grow.

Rules of Engagement

  • Everything we do and say must be with integrity.
  • Our company and culture thrive when we work together, not apart.
  • Every product we bring to life is built with a fearless commitment to excellence.
  • We approach every decision as an opportunity to do better.
  • Our products and purpose-led commitments empower the future marketplace.

Find Yourself at MATRIXX

Ready to join our growing team? Explore our open positions to see if something fits your ambitions and qualifications.

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