MATRIXX and together drive data-based insights and new business opportunities. Read the white paper.

MATRIXX and are addressing the challenges faced by CSPs in harnessing complex data.

The white paper describes how CSPs can use data to create advanced customer experiences, offer personalized products and plans to their customers and further optimize their operations.

Data Driven Insights White paper

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Join MATRIXX co-founder Jennifer Kyriakakis and MATRIXX CTO Marc Price in conversation with CMO Anton Prenneis.

They discuss how numerous telecom business processes and operations that can be improved through data-driven, real-time insights as well as the real-time AI, analytics and digital commerce solutions that can make all this happen.

Driving 5G Performance & Agility

With and MATRIXX together, CSPs can improve their quality of service, realize operational efficiencies, strengthen their customer relationships and drive greater value.

MATRIXX Cardinality White Paper

"Network-based communications service providers need to better harness data, analytics and intelligence to identify the best approaches to drive growth, improve customer experience, streamline product development and optimize infrastructure operations.”

Marc Price

Cloud Native, Because Your Future Depends on It

Architected, developed and deployed to scale in response to business needs and network demands.


Web-scale architecture to automate development and deployment of unlimited service offerings.


Network elasticity to support charging for the explosion of devices that will come with ubiquitous connectivity.


The MATRIXX microservices-based architecture ensures high availability under load, proven under fire..

About is committed to helping organizations of all sizes get more value from their data.’s end-to-end data analytics and AI/ML platform allows users of all skill levels to create use cases using an intuitive, graphical user interface. is Kubernetes-based and can run at the edge, in the data center, in the public cloud, and in hybrid environments. By making the complex easy, helps customers turn data insights into amazing business outcomes.

About MATRIXX Software

MATRIXX Software is the global leader in 5G monetization for the communications industry. MATRIXX offers a network-grade converged charging system (CCS) enabling efficient hyper- scaling of infrastructure to support consumer services, wholesale and enterprise marketplaces. Through its relentless commitment to product excellence and customer success, MATRIXX empowers businesses to harness network assets and business agility to succeed at web scale.

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MATRIXX and are addressing the challenges faced by CSPs in harnessing complex data.