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Migrate Legacy Charging with MATRIXX Digital Monetization

An Opportunity for Change. A Catalyst for Growth and Modernization.

Why a Platform Approach to Modern Monetization Makes Sense

Over the past decade, the business model of most monetization vendors has developed in a direction that directly conflicts with telcos’ strategic business requirements. The industry needed a new approach.

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Legacy Charging Platforms

Converged charging vendors whose business models are change-request based are fundamentally at odds with the cost-control, agility and operational autonomy that are key to telco growth in the current economic climate. Compounding that are vendors who are looking to push their customers to migrate to a different charging platform for their own benefit due to acquisitions or changes in portfolio strategy.

This approach has three troubling implications for telcos:

Complexity = Cost

5-year TCO is 35% higher than leveraging a product-based solution¹

Time-to-Market Woes

Typical new feature development: 6-9 months/$2 million²

Operational Shackles

High percentage of projects fail due to unforecasted costs and delayed go-to-market

The MATRIXX Approach

Built with an API-first design atop a microservices architecture, MATRIXX provides a no-code environment that is easy to configure, fast to deploy and capable of serving heterogeneous network and IT environments from a single, extensible platform.

SaaS-like product with local configuration and deployment autonomy

Fully featured, out-of-the-box configurability

Pricing changes/new offer development in hours/days, not months

Managing the Change

A complete lifecycle of professional services offered by MATRIXX


Deployment Services

Highly skilled resources to deploy MATRIXX efficiently


BENEFIT: Go live on time and within budget

Advisory Services

Guidance from MATRIXX experts on telco best practices


BENEFIT: Launch new products, transition to cloud and more



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Enhanced Support Services

Dedicated resources for advisory, operations and upgrades


BENEFIT: Offload daily operations to MATRIXX experts

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Operations & Support Services

Skilled resources to support or run MATRIXX operations


BENEFIT: Easily transition from deployment to operations

Quality First

Below are examples of key customers who, for 10+ years, have relied on MATRIXX professional services to migrate from legacy and expand MATRIXX monetization across multiple lines of businesses.

Swisscom logo

Swisscom supports 4 different brands on a single platform

Telefonica logo featured image

Telefónica to cut time-to-market by 50%

One NZ logo

One NZ (formerly Vodafone) reduced time-to-market from 20 weeks to 2 weeks

Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss your particular charging implementation and gain more insight into the MATRIXX digital monetization solution and potential migration scenarios, please contact us via the form for information on a no-commitment workshop.


¹ Clear Technology Consulting Ltd
² Various operator commentary
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