10 Ways to Monetize B2B2X

A 5G Playbook for Digital Leaders

Reinventing the Network-as-a-Service

In this playbook, we map out 10 of today’s most promising enterprise use cases and the key capabilities that digital leaders are putting into place to grow, now.

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New Outcomes Demand a New Approach to BSS

Whether you’re just beginning your 5G monetization journey, or are deep into go-to-market planning, this ebook can help answer:

Why does BSS require reinvention to make innovation a reality?

How does a new 5G charging platform make new revenue possible?

Why does B2B2X need a new approach to IT infrastructure?

Transformed 5G Network Capabilities Unlock Agile Monetization Opportunities

5G will empower operators to leverage highly configurable services and granular network control to reinvent their business models by unlocking new, multi-party B2B2X service revenues.

Beyond simply marketing the latest services to enterprise customers, converting B2B2X opportunities into revenue will require operators to accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

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Show Me the B2B2X Use Cases

5G will enable new, multi-party B2B2X service revenues. Explore real-world use cases and some of the most promising monetization opportunities in this 5G playbook for digital leaders.

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