Meet MATRIXX at MWC Las Vegas 2023

MATRIXX is excited to introduce digital monetization: a transformative approach to revenue management and traditional BSS.


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Meet with us in Las Vegas to discuss how MATRIXX Software can drive new revenue streams based on the convergence of 5G networks, edge capabilities and partner ecosystems centered on cloud-based technologies and open APIs.

Commercial Agility

Offer innovative services and better compete in a web scale, cloud-based world by easily configuring new products and services within hours, instead of months or years.

Customer Agility

A real-time connection between the customer channels and the network enables customers to personalize their product/service mix and dynamically change/upgrade/buy services on demand.

Operational Agility

Each function can be individually distributed, scaled and upgraded to maximize performance and resiliency. An API-first design simplifies integration with other systems.

Book a Meeting With MATRIXX

The top five reasons to speak with MATRIXX:

  • Discover new business models across consumer, enterprise, wholesale and IoT
  • Explore our cloud native deployments that successfully launched new services
  • Learn why traditional BSS systems won’t deliver in the age of 5G
  • Identify where your business is now and where you want it to go
  • Connect with innovative leaders that are transforming the industry


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