The Critical Market: Enterprise

Capturing the B2B Opportunity

Most CSPs are Unprepared to Compete

Industry forecasts suggest that by 2025, B2B revenue will account for nearly half of the average Communication Service Provider’s (CSPs) total earnings. This demands a proactive and strategic approach from CSPs’ B2B teams to secure this vital business, but they face notable challenges.

Competition is a significant hurdle. CSPs must navigate complex relationships with key enterprise stakeholders, such as cloud service providers. These “hyperscalers” can offer valuable partnerships but also pose a risk of disintermediation.

Moreover, the market is becoming more discerning. As IT and communication services top the budget for most enterprises, they are in search of providers offering convenience and cost-effectiveness. Unfortunately, many CSPs are restricted by their legacy business systems in this rapidly evolving market. These antiquated monetization platforms lack the flexibility to swiftly adapt and bring competitive, innovative offerings to the market.”

Transparency and Control Are Paramount

According to a survey of over 250 SMEs conducted by Analysys Mason the top three factors rated highest in the commercial engagement with CSPs are:


Access to transparent and commercial engagement where spending and usage can be tracked in real-time


The ability to configure new products or services and spending limits


Pay-as-you-use or usage-based commercial model

Enterprise Group Sharing Datasheet

Sharing plans and allowances across any enterprise size is an approach to managing thousands of employees and their plans that gives real-time visibility of consumption at a company, department and employee level, and provides controls to manage thresholds and limits by the enterprise themselves.

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An Innovative Approach to Services Delivery

To effectively compete, service providers must provide a portfolio of solutions available on a self-serve digital platform, complete with flexible commercial models such as pay-as-you-use or monthly subscription bundles across multiple services that include partner offerings.

A digital marketplace that includes a broad ecosystem of partners will be a strategically vital asset and competitive differentiator for service providers, enabling them to deliver new, integrated, multi-party solutions at speed and at scale. Service providers can enable the complex chain of participants to harness network resources quickly and easily, without hindering service delivery or business models.

A self-service digital marketplace enables customers to tailor services to their needs.

MATRIXX: A Modern Approach to Business Systems

For service providers, the key to meeting their enterprise customer’s expectations is platform flexibility and a broad portfolio of enterprise offerings. This requires a change in basic assumptions in how business support systems are defined, because the detailed use cases that have traditionally defined a BSS will not be available. CSPs will need to embrace an agile architecture-centric design for future systems that emphasizes flexible, scalable, configurable and extendable frameworks to support dynamic commercial models and as yet unseen use cases.

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