A Change of Era in Wholesale

Ending Commoditization and Disintermediation

Accelerating Wholesale Growth

As competition intensifies and traditional transport-centric wholesale services become commoditized, differentiation becomes elusive. Wholesale groups need to pivot their strategy to tap into new growth opportunities.

Central to this transformation is the need to empower retail partners and their customers with innovative monetization models and engagement experiences. By doing so, a modern digital wholesale provider can cultivate retail relationships rooted in enduring value and opportunity. This strategy also paves the way for new standards in agility, transparency, and trust.


By extending comprehensive monetization options to retailers with key real-time commercial insights such as up-to-the-second spend levels, portfolio volume utilization and flexible pay-now type models as examples, wholesalers are building on the strength of their services portfolio.

Providing commercial and experience differentiation to retailers as key value-adds, wholesale providers can move beyond providing connectivity to simplify and streamline the process of building a competitive service.


Revenue Collection

Event/activity rating
Charge calculation
Retail settlement


Revenue Generation

Event/activity rating
Charge calculation
Retail settlement
Self-help, real-time digital channel
Flexible monetization options
Reduced billing footprint

Use Case: B2C/B2B MVNO Model

Deployment of MATRIXX as a dynamic multi-tenant monetization engine allows wholesalers to offer a more comprehensive monetization-as-a-service model. Therefore, providing rich, up-to-the-second insights on spend levels, usage and payment approaches as well as offer/promotion and portfolio updates to the retail partner and, by proxy, the end customer.

MATRIXX Consumer MVNO example diagaram

Use Case: Neutral Host Network Model

A neutral host network allows multiple service providers to use the same infrastructure to offer their services to customers, allowing for more efficient use of resources and increased competition. They are ideally suited to serving smart spaces such as offices, ports, airports and shopping malls. Advanced multi-party monetization models and third-party settlement in B2C, B2B, B2B2X and IoT segments are a key requirement here.

Blog: A Change of Era in Wholesale

It’s no longer an age of transformation for wholesalers; market conditions are driving a need for a change of era — one where retailers and customers monetization experience are front and center.

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