Our Purpose

To Reinvent Global Business with Integrity

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Global Business Is Reinventing Itself.
We’re Leading the Charge.

Customers empowered by the consumption economy are challenging traditional business models. The relentless drive towards increased market efficiency is forcing companies in every industry to win more, with less. Consumer focus on corporate behavior is forcing a new commitment to social responsibility.

Integrity. At Our Core.

Truth in advertising. Going the extra mile for others. Doing right when no one is looking. A win-win business model. Designing right. In business, integrity shouldn’t be optional. With us, it isn’t.

“MATRIXX was founded on a belief that global telecom needed a better way to do business. Making that belief into a reality is what drives all of us, every day.”

Glo Gordon, CEO

A Purpose That’s Inspirational, Not Tactical

A challenge to ourselves, and to our customers, to be the best.

MATRIXX purpose statement

Reinventing with Integrity Takes Work. We’re All In.

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Integrity as Individuals

We foster a culture of open communication and empower employees to advocate for integrity in every aspect of their work.

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Integrity as a Company

We champion doing right and building right above speed and profit and choose partners, vendors and clients who share our beliefs.

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Integrity as an Industry

We challenge the telecom industry — and all industries — to think, act and communicate transparently, responsibly and inclusively.

MATRIXX Software VP of Marketing Jennifer Kyriakakis interviews Orange Poland Head of Consumer Markets Mariusz GacaOrange Poland COVID-19 Interview

MATRIXX Software’s Jennifer Kyriakakis interviews Orange Poland’s Mariusz Gaca about Orange Poland’s agile response to the COVID-19 crisis.


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