Our Collective Values

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High Standards — For Ourselves and Our Customers

These values are championed throughout our company. They guide the work we do, as well as how we do it. This is why our values matter to us:

Shared Beliefs

  • For those who are new
  • For those who have been here for years
  • For those who have yet to join


  • Framework for decision making
  • Gut check for moments of uncertainty
  • Litmus test for ensuring that we are always consistent with what we stand for


  • Making us better people
  • Changing our industry
  • Helping us continue to build a company we are proud to be part of


Values Grounded in Our Business and Our World

Our values keep us accountable to who we want to become, and to the impact we want to make.

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Beyond ourselves and our industry, we must leave a lasting impact that makes our world a better place.

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Adding meaningful value to those who partner with us means always building with the end-user in mind.

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Our mindset, bringing the elements of excellence and efficiency to everything we engineer and do.

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The way we work together to manifest new products and solutions that are fundamentally different.

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A catalyst for action, ensuring that we always push ourselves to pursue the hard questions.

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