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MATRIXX Software Delivers 5G Innovation with Automated, Cloud Native Converged Charging Deployment on AWS

MATRIXX, an AWS Select Technology Partner, leverages AWS to deliver CI/CD pipeline for 5G Monetization with MATRIXX

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Sept. 29, 2020MATRIXX Software, the global leader in 5G monetization solutions and AWS Select Technology Partner, today announced the deployment of a fully automated cloud native 5G Converged Charging System (CCS) environment with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). MATRIXX deployed its 5G CCS on Amazon EKS including a full CI/CD pipeline working with an ecosystem of 5G core network vendors. The deployment highlights the operational agility of the MATRIXX solution and its ability for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to leverage container orchestration and the MATRIXX ‘click-not-code’ solution to massively improve efficiency and time to market.

This case study was featured during the AWS Telco Symposium and is available on demand.

The MATRIXX CCS integrated seamlessly into a CI/CD Pipeline on AWS harnessing AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit, and following the deploy to lab, approval and deploy to production processes. This results in zero-touch deployments of MATRIXX microservices-based containers leveraging the AWS Automation pipeline to enable operators to spin up new environments in minutes. Using MATRIXX, AWS was able to demonstrate an operator environment for Standalone (SA) 5G supporting advanced use cases such as SLA charging for 5G network slices.

Together, the companies quickly configured and showcased the joint solution and its operational and commercial agility, including the ability to configure new 5G enterprise offers and deploy them via CI/CD within hours. Offers can be automatically pushed to wholesale and enterprise marketplaces where companies can acquire and personalize 5G services on demand.

By leveraging the power of AWS, MATRIXX is helping operators innovate 5G SA services, such as network slicing, mobile edge computing, network analytics and ultra-reliable low latency (URLLC) services. The solution delivers a web scale environment for operators to quickly experiment with, stand up, test, scale up and tear down services as needed. This is essential for monetizing 5G investments so that operators can expand their portfolio of enterprise services and add value above and beyond best-effort connectivity.

“The role of converged charging is more pivotal than ever in 5G networks. 5G Charging drives the business rules for monetizing a wealth of new services, including Service Level Agreement-driven services, that can be tailored to specific enterprise needs,” said Marc Price, MATRIXX CTO. “We have worked with AWS to leverage Amazon EKS so that Telco operators have a fully automated environment to harness the complete lifecycle for 5G use cases.”

About MATRIXX Software

MATRIXX Software delivers a modern converged charging and digital monetization solution proven at scale. Global operators like Telefónica and Telstra, IoT providers like Tata Communications and network-as-a-service (NaaS) providers like DISH rely on the platform to overcome the limitations of traditional Business Support Systems (BSS). With MATRIXX, service providers can rapidly configure, deploy and monetize personalized, innovative offerings. Its cloud native platform delivers accurate, real-time information that improves customer engagement. MATRIXX enables commercial innovation and real-time customer experiences that drive revenue and growth opportunities across multiple markets.


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