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MATRIXX Software Launches Carrier-Grade Digital Commerce Platform For Cloud

Single platform delivers network-grade performance and reliability across cloud, private cloud and on premise environments

SARATOGA, Calif. April 27, 2017MATRIXX Software ( today announced the launch of MATRIXX Digital Commerce, a single platform that delivers the same carrier-grade performance and reliability Communications Service Providers (CSPs) require for mission-critical business applications across cloud, private cloud and on premise environments.

MATRIXX Digital Commerce raises the bar, anticipating new Digital KPIs that CSPs expect their vendors to meet for cloud and virtualization across four main areas; scalability, reliability, digital ecosystem support and customer engagement.

To date, CSPs have been cautious to move network-grade business functionality into the cloud due to extreme requirements around transaction throughput, latency, and network response times, and the impact those have on customer experience. As CSPs aim to shift more functions to cloud and virtualized environments, the new MATRIXX platform provides a solution that is ready for prime-time. It supports real-time business operations across 100s of millions of end customers and devices, and it deploys across cloud environments while delivering telco-grade reliability and unmatched performance.

New additions to the platform include an enhanced business API gateway and customer engagement framework. The business API gateway speeds integration into the CSP operating environment, including omni-channel integration, and exposes key business processes such as ‘PayNow’ to 3rd parties in the digital ecosystem. The API gateway is based on common industry business processes and an extendable development framework.

The platform’s customer engagement framework enables CSPs to tailor customer experiences for complex digital commerce interactions, such as campaigns that are triggered based on behavior or location. It ensures the customer is always precisely and instantly notified as they make purchases, accept promotions and targeted offers, and turn features and services off and on. Armed with MATRIXX Digital Commerce, CSPs can personalize messages to their customers ensuring a transparent and high-touch customer experience.

Rich Karpinski, principal analyst, mobile operator strategies at 451, said, “CSPs of all sizes today are looking for a single digital commerce solution that deploys across cloud, private cloud, and on premise, delivering the same carrier-grade level of performance, reliability, and capability across deployment environments. MATRIXX Digital Commerce gives them maximum flexibility for deploying the solution that best fits their needs, while getting all the benefits of a modern platform such as quick deployment times, business agility, continuous innovation and new capabilities.”

Karpinski’s assessment of MATRIXX Digital Commerce can be found here.

MATRIXX Digital Commerce provides an alternative to traditional telco vendor solutions, giving CSPs the power to do business at the speed of the internet, and evolve and scale their offerings without vendor dependence. Leading operators including Three Group, Telstra, Swisscom and Vodafone use MATRIXX Digital Commerce to capitalize on opportunities they see in their markets. For example:

  • Deploy a web-scale, virtualized IT stack to support new digital businesses. This uniquely guarantees network-grade performance across all service offerings, bypassing the need for a lengthy IT transformation project
  • Create richer digital experiences for consumers. MATRIXX Digital Commerce enables a highly-personalized approach where campaigns are triggered in real-time based on customer behavior, providing CSPs with more cross- and up-sell opportunities while the customer is engaged ‘in the moment’
  • Enable CSPs to design and deploy exciting customer bundles by using MATRIXX to develop content offerings from third parties. MATRIXX supports rapid integration using the business API gateway to adapt and extend offerings to collaborate on content initiatives with third party OTT services and providers
  • Plan for future growth in Digital and IoT. Using MATRIXX’s extreme scalability, CSPs can support billions of personalized customer transactions a day from a single, agile platform

To learn more about MATRIXX Software, please visit A press kit can be accessed here.

About MATRIXX Software

MATRIXX Software is the global leader in 5G monetization for the communications industry. Serving many of the world’s largest operator groups, regional carriers, and emerging digital service providers, MATRIXX delivers a cloud native digital commerce solution that enables unmatched commercial and operational agility. Unifying IT & networks, MATRIXX delivers a network-grade converged charging system (CCS) enabling efficient hyper-scaling of infrastructure to support consumer services, wholesale and enterprise marketplaces. Through its relentless commitment to product excellence and customer success, MATRIXX empowers businesses to harness network assets and business agility to succeed at web scale.


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