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MATRIXX Software Unveils 7G Charging Platform

5G monetization leader leapfrogs 6G innovation to deliver groundbreaking 7G functionality for the telco of the future

Who: MATRIXX Software, the global leader in 5G monetization solutions.

What: The official launch of the industry-first 7G charging platform for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). This next-next-generation monetization platform builds on the runaway success of the MATRIXX 5G convergent charging and monetization solution, advancing the technology by leveraging Machine Automated Intelligent Learning (MAIL) to pre-generate rate plans for everything from Teslunar vehicles, to tactile VR experiences, to humanoid robots. The MATRIXX Trinity 7G Quantum Monetization Platform is the inhabitable galaxy’s only monetization solution to deliver sub-zero latency at TGBS max throughput (trillion gigabits per second). Further, anticipating the move beyond today’s cloud native limitations, MATRIXX’s Trinity is architected to support emerging Fully Opaque Geocentric Edge (FOG-E) computing practices to leverage network edge performance and monetization strategies.

Who: MATRIXX Software

What: Trinity 7G Quantum Monetization Platform

When: April 1, 2021

Where: Launching globally and in the contiguous United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska

Contact: For more information or to demo this latest solution, please contact Jenny Tutone, VP of Drollery at MATRIXX Software, 555-867-5309.

About MATRIXX Software
MATRIXX Software is the global leader in 5G, and now 7G, monetization for the communications industry. Serving many of the world’s largest operator groups, regional carriers, and emerging digital service providers, MATRIXX delivers a FOG-E native quantum monetization solution that enables unmatched commercial and operational agility. Unifying IT & networks, MATRIXX delivers a network-grade converged charging system (CCS) enabling efficient hyper-scaling of infrastructure to support consumer services, wholesale and enterprise marketplaces. Through its relentless commitment to product excellence and customer success, MATRIXX empowers businesses to harness network assets and business agility to succeed at webscale, and whatever comes next.

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