Private Cellular Networks

Digital Transformation for Industry

Endless Opportunity

Advanced devices are emerging across industries to improve the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of companies from manufacturing, to health care to shipping and logistics.

Private networks provide customized solutions that cater to the speed, security, latency and other connectivity requirements that can be fine-tuned for certain environments and advanced machines.

Private networks diagram

The ability to connect devices and people to secure, reliable and optimized networks from any place at any time will be transformational.

A Wide Range of Service and Deployment Options

Traditionally, private networks have incorporated elements such as Wi-Fi, LTE, Ethernet LANs, and VPNs. However, as service customization opens opportunities beyond connectivity, private networks will increasingly be part of service offerings, including cloud, edge, SD-WAN and security. These service bundles will be opportunities for new offerings that are based on multi-vendor, multi-cloud integrations. In such offerings, access, insights and assets are monetized through partnerships, co-creation and co-innovation.





Example: Airport Private Network

A major airport is a complex communications ecosystem made up of a broad mix of consumers, employees, tenants and contractors, each with different needs and expectations. Connected devices include everything from basic sensors to aircraft engines to devices supporting safety and security. Serving these needs requires the coordination of private networks with edge computing services, cloud storage, data management, orchestration and analysis.

Complex business models coordinated across many providers requires a complete shift in the way monetization is enabled by these platforms. For service providers, this means operational approaches must shift from technical capability to customized enterprise services that can be monetized end-to-end across partners.

MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform

The MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform enables private network innovation and optimizes business outcomes.

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