Heinz Herren

With over 30 years of diversified experience in the global telecommunications industry in both operational and executive positions, Heinz has a depth of knowledge and experience not found anywhere else.

For the past 20 years, he held various leadership positions at Swisscom, including Group CTO & CIO, Executive Board; Head of IT, Network and Infrastructure; Head of SME Business Switzerland; and Head of Marketing Wholesale. Currently serving part-time as the head of Strategic Projects and Board Mandates at Swisscom, Heinz dedicates the rest of his time and significant experience to helping other businesses successfully transform for the future. Prior to Swisscom, Heinz spent time at several other well-known companies, such as 3Com Corporation GmbH, Bedag Ltd, Ascom Telematic Ltd, XMIT Ltd, and Hasler Ltd.

Heinz has also lent his expertise to many well-known companies by participating on their Board of Directors or Investment Committees, including Cablex Ltd, Swisscom Broadcast, Park Innovaare Ltd., Swiss Innovation, tiko Energy Solutions, and Credit Suisse, among others.

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