Cliff Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Cliff has 36 years Telecom industry experience in software engineering and operations leadership. Prior to MATRIXX, Cliff was Senior Vice President Operations at Jasper Technologies, and Vice President Global IoT Service Operations at Cisco after Jasper was acquired in 2016. Jasper Technologies was a pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT), where Cliff’s team was responsible for managing operations and service delivery to global service providers.  

Cliff successfully led Jasper through its hypergrowth chapter leading up to the acquisition by Cisco. Under Cliff’s Operations leadership, Jasper’s IoT platform grew from approximately 4M to over 100M IoT devices managed and from 5 Partner Operators implemented to over 50, within 24 months.

Prior to Jasper, Cliff was VP and Head of Customer Support Operations at Ericsson North America, and also led operations for start-up Spatial Wireless which was acquired by Alcatel. 

Cliff holds an MBA in Engineering Management from the University of Dallas.

Cliff Johnson MATRIXX

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