MATRIXX Training and Certification

Comprehensive Courses With Specific Objectives and Training Paths


In the software industry, people are indispensable — they architect systems, solve problems, expand capabilities and maintain operational excellence — all in pursuit of aligning technology with business objectives.

MATRIXX’s comprehensive training and certification programs empower these engineers, enabling them to effectively navigate and manage the complexities of our modern monetization platform.

Our training programs employ a blended learning approach, combining Web-Based Training (WBT), Instructor-Led Training (ILT), and eLearning components, all capped off with certification exams to validate the competency of our learners. This helps ensure that learners are not just adequately prepared, but confidently equipped to excel in their roles.

MATRIXX Core Learning Paths

Each learning path is designed with a series of prerequisite WBT courses, specialist training sessions and advanced courses. Coupled with our knowledge and skill-based examinations, these paths shape the foundation for success in managing the MATRIXX solution.

MATRIXX technology core


Day-to-day running of a platform, monitoring, triage of problems


Deploying MATRIXX into various environments such as production, pre-production, development and test


Ensuring MATRIXX talks to other systems in the operator’s ecosystem


Configuration of product offers, including grants, charges and discounts

Prerequisites to MATRIXX Learning Paths

All learning paths require students to take the Functional Introduction course and the Technical Introduction course.

MATRIXX Operations Learning Path

Operations Learning Path

Operations Courses

These courses prepare a learner to manage and monitor MATRIXX in a Kubernetes environment or on a standard bare metal environment.

MATRIXX Installation Learning Path

Installation Learning Path

Installation Courses

Deploy MATRIXX in a Kubernetes environment using Helm charts and YAML configuration files or on bare metal using RPMs.

MATRIXX Integration Learning Path

Integration Learning Path

Integration Courses

MATRIXX’s API-first design delivers a vast array of open RESTful APIs, enabling seamless integration with other BSS and third-party applications. These courses explain how to integrate the MATRIXX platform with external systems.

MATRIXX Pricing Learning Path

Pricing Learning Path

Pricing Courses

MATRIXX provides exceptional scope for the development of unique marketplace offerings. These courses examine the range of capabilities of the platform, including configuring the Commercial Catalog, subscription plans and advanced techniques for global and single-use offers.

MATRIXX Solution Architect

Solution Architect Certification Process

Solution Architect Course

This course introduces Solution Architects to the technical details of MATRIXX, with emphasis on creating high-level outline designs against a given requirement specification.

Get Certified With MATRIXX

MATRIXX offers a multi-layered, multi-disciplined certification strategy. Collect all the certifications in a learning path and be recognized for your MATRIXX expertise. Download a full guide to MATRIXX Professional Certification.

MATRIXX Certifications

Other Courses and Trainings

MATRIXX offers a wide range of courses to prepare learners for successful implementation and management of the platform.
Below is a sample; download our full training course portfolio.

Be Certified. Know More. Join the Team.

Our partner certification programs ensure that our customers and partners get the most out of their investment in MATRIXX Software. Join our growing ranks of certified partners and help us reinvent global business.

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