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Monetizing Network APIs

With bold and progressive thinking, providing and monetizing network APIs could be a major growth catalyst for telcos. The revenue opportunity has been forecast at $20 billion by 2028, making this is an opportunity that cannot be ignored.

Monetizing Consumer Fixed and Mobile Portfolios

The advent of 5G, the recent rise in telecommuting (including work-from-home flexibility), and the swelling tsunami of digital experiences are critical change agents in the consumer market. What CSPs need is a creative portfolio and service delivery mix to entice consumers to pay CSPs to deliver these experiences.

Proving ROI

Dive into the impact of MATRIXX's innovative charging and commerce platform with this ebook. Learn from the success stories of service providers who achieved new heights, such as 100% subscriber growth and a remarkable 95% cost reduction.

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A Change Agent’s Approach to Growth

Change agents are bold, radical, creative innovators who do things differently. Different because legacy BSS approaches are taxing growth and innovation in telco. There is a better way.

MATRIXX for Private Networks

Private networks offer unrivaled speed, security and latency, however, the key to success is developing a custom business case unique to each organization. With a strategy based on connecting network services to enterprise value and customer outcomes, private networks can foster new business models and cultivate multi-party relationships that drive revenue.

Edge: Where’s the Money?

Edge: Where’s the Money?

If CSPs are to capitalize on the overall edge opportunity, they must pivot from the “network-out” model of service delivery that has served them for the last 20+ years to a customer-focused, “value-in” model. New edge services are driven by a new monetization model.

The Power of a Platform-Centric Approach to Monetization

The Power of a Platform-Centric Approach to Monetization

Over the past decade, the business model of most monetization vendors has developed in a direction that directly conflicts with telcos strategic business requirements. The industry needed a new approach.

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Monetization-as-a-Service in Wholesale: eBook

Leading with an inherently transport-centric portfolio leaves wholesale operators struggling for differentiation, resulting in margin & revenue challenges.

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Unlocking the Potential of 5G

CSPs are evolving their monetization platform so that they can unlock the full potential of 5G, and evolve from pure voice and data providers into leaders of the digital economy. This eBook uses real life use cases and examples to describes how this is happening, and the essential technical and functional requirements behind it.

Monetization-as-a-Service in Wholesale: White Paper

With transport-centric portfolios commoditizing, the growth challenge for wholesale operators is acute. Monetization-as-a-service is a new commercial approach and offering geared towards turning the tide and putting growth back on the agenda.

Why Digital Telcos Require a New Breed of Vendor

With 5G and cloud native, vendors are rethinking how they want to do business. However, successfully delivering a monetization solution that truly supports critical digital capabilities requires a unique, real-time platform.

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