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Why Legacy Billing Restricts Telco Growth


A New Approach to Monetization

Legacy billing processes add complexity cost and delay to telco go-to-market models. This video outlines the benefits of alternative approaches.

Executive Summary

While many operators focus on consolidating legacy billing systems, they should consider a new approach to monetization that seeks to transform rather than consolidate. Even if operators are able to significantly reduce the number of legacy systems, the inherent complexity of these systems will continue to pose challenges for operators and hinder their ability to innovate and provide a good customer experience. Instead, they can seek to fundamentally change these processes to realize the value promised by their technological investments.

Reduce Billing Operational Costs

For a typical Tier-1 telco, a new approach to monetization can unlock several annual cost savings:


The Cost of Billing Delays

Issue: For a Tier-1 operator, lengthy billing system configuration has prevented them from meeting critical commercial deadlines, leading to the decision to not launch the product altogether on several occasions.


A Tier-1 operator found that 50% of product development time is dedicated to the setup of billing and charging. A leaner billing model should reduce this time by 75%, from an average of twelve weeks to three weeks.

Introducing MATRIXX Digital Monetization

MATRIXX digital monetization unifies charging and rating, offline and online, for usage and non-usage charges for all customer types (B2C, B2B, wholesale and IoT) and all payment models (usage, recurring, subscription and contract). It overcomes the limitations of traditional billing models, which rely heavily on siloed systems that require endless development and costly integration. MATRIXX digital monetization forms the heart of a new end-to end digital value chain, from onboarding to digital payments, where transparency, accuracy and trust become the new bywords of telco revenue management.

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