What is MATRIXX?

MATRIXX is the world’s go-to monetization solution.

Purpose-Built to Enable Web Scale Performance & Agility

Beyond faster speeds and more bandwidth, 5G networks will empower operators with new commercial, customer and operational opportunities. Our cloud native charging platform is purpose-built for operators to take advantage of all of them.

Improve Commercial Agility

  • Quicker revenue diversification
  • Better customer segmentation
  • Faster product innovation
Commercial Agility

Supercharge Customer Agility

  • Automated, zero-touch self-care
  • Dynamic real-time responsiveness
  • Continuous customer engagement
Customer Agility

Transform Operational Agility

  • Converge silos, streamline processes
  • Unify IT/networks, increase automation
  • Reduce change-order costs
Operational Agility

Digital Leaders Lead with MATRIXX

See how our customers are reinventing agility to compete with web scale players.

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MATRIXX Digital Commerce — Cloud Native Charging Platform

The industry’s leading solution for real-time, cloud native rating and charging for 5G CCS/CHF and 4G OCS.

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Cloud Native

Micro-services based for automation, scalability & resiliency

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Highly Configurable

API-first integrations, GUI-powered configuration, lightning-speed to market

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Network Grade

Millisecond latency, predictable throughput, with strong reliability

MATRIXX Digital Commerce Is The Only Option

From how operators relate to their customers, to how they continuously develop, deploy and monetize products and services, they need business agility to lead markets, instead of following them.

Contributing to the Future of Telco

MATRIXX is helping redefine the standards for the next era of telecommunications.

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Unlocking the Potential of 5G

5G business opportunities require charging systems that can support complex pricing models, real-time billing, and flexible charging mechanisms, which legacy systems are not able to provide. Discover how service providers worldwide are innovating with MATRIXX — the industry’s go-to monetization platform.

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Unlocking the Potential of 5G

CSPs are evolving their monetization platform so that they can unlock the full potential of 5G, and evolve from pure voice and data providers into leaders of the digital economy. This eBook uses real life use cases and examples to describes how this is happening, and the essential technical and functional requirements behind it.

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