Unified Commerce

Transforming Monetization with a Single Real-Time Platform

MATRIXX delivers a single real-time platform that consolidates all the strategic monetization functions that currently exist on separate charging and billing stacks for different services and customer segments.

Flexibility and Agility

Unmatched Flexibility in Pricing Models

MATRIXX empowers service providers to implement innovative pricing models that cater to the evolving needs of both consumer and enterprise customers while optimizing network efficiency.

By leveraging real-time data and insights from the device, network intelligence and/or edge applications, providers can design flexible, usage-based plans that adapt to consumption patterns, promote efficient use of resources and incentivize desired user behavior.

Increased Commercial Agility

MATRIXX also enables providers to swiftly respond to market trends, competitor strategies or regulatory changes, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Ultimately, this level of adaptability fosters a customer-centric approach, promoting customer loyalty and satisfaction while driving innovation and growth in the connectivity space.

Delivering Comprehensive Benefits

Single Source of Truth

Gain complete visibility over all customer services, spending and balances

Simplified Integration

A unified platform simplifies integration with networks and third party systems

Unified Account

Manage consumer, enterprise and industry accounts and service constructs, including complex groups and hierarchies


Supports monetization across 4G, 5G, consumer, enterprise, B2B2X, MVNOs and fixed services

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing adjusts charges based on real-time input from customers (e.g., the amount of data downloaded) or other sources like network intelligence and edge applications.

Connected Devices

Data from a connected device can play a significant role in shaping the dynamic pricing of connectivity and services. By analyzing real-time device usage, location and preferences, service providers can tailor pricing models to the unique needs of individual users.

Network Intelligence

Network intelligence plays a crucial role in shaping the future of mobile connectivity by enabling smart, data-driven decisions that optimize the use of network resources. With dynamic pricing, network intelligence can adjust the cost of services based on real-time insights into network conditions, user behavior and capacity utilization.

Edge Applications

Edge applications bring processing power and intelligence closer to the source of data generation. With dynamic pricing, these applications can actively influence the cost of services based on real-time conditions and user demands.

Dive Deeper

Learn more about how MATRIXX brings traditional charging, policy and circuit-switched control functions together with modern commerce tools into a single platform.

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MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform

MATRIXX Convergent Charging and Monetization Platform

A modern converged charging and digital monetization solution proven at scale.

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