MATRIXX 5G CHF/CCS Architecture

The Cloud Native Commerce Platform
for 5G Converged Charging

With 5G, Charging Is More Important Than Ever

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Telecoms at Web Scale

Technologies and processes from web companies, embraced by telco, will reinvent how telco competes

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Unifying Telco And Enterprise

New protocols and interactions between telco networks and enterprise systems will transform value chains

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Emerging Business Models

New architectures and charging flows will represent biggest changes to industry since first generation mobility (1G)

MATRIXX Delivers Transformative Agility

Innovations in 5G will enable innovative and transformed ways for the CHF and CCS to rate and charge for products and services. What will you get with our best-in-class rating and charging platform?

  • Leveraging open source initiatives and cloud-based principles to maximize configurability
  • Enabling elasticity and resiliency for autonomous business functions
  • Harnessing API-first architectures to enable process automation for business rules and operations
  • Accelerating automation for go-to-market innovation and optimized service lifecycle management
“5G represents a significant evolution of network architecture. We’ve architected MATRIXX Digital Commerce to leverage those changes to maximize monetization opportunities.”
Marc Price

MATRIXX 5G Converged Charging System

A cloud native CHF|CCS platform evolved to bridge the gap between network and IT. Integrating directly with the 5G Service-Based Architecture (SBA), MATRIXX Digital Commerce is a next-generation management platform unlocking monetization opportunities defined for 5G by 3GPP Standards.

CCS Interactions Diagram MATRIXX

Primary 5G Integrations

  • Charging Function (CHF)

    Provides interface to the 5GC Service-Based Architecture (SBA) core, registration into the NRF and linkage to the CCS internal functions including the Account Balance and Management Function (ABMF), the Rating Function (RF), and the Charging Gateway Function (CGF)

    Network Repository Function (NRF)

    NRF maintains service registration and discovery so that network functions can discover each other

  • Access & Mobility Function (AMF)

    AMF is utilized for enhancing network access rules within control plane, authorizing and monitoring registrations and connections

  • Session Management Function (SMF)

    SMF enables support for both online and offline charging based-on session-level attributes, enabling new business models beyond byte-based charging

    Policy Control Function (PCF)

    PCF coordinates network policy rules, coordinating threshold triggers for policy harnessing CCS state

  • Network Exchange Function (NEF)

    REST communications via NEF enables service provider networks to exchange data and intelligence with other telco and enterprise platforms

  • Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF)

    NWDAF exposes network analytics to inform real-time charging decisions involving any data in the core network

MATRIXX Is Ready for the 5G Era. Are You?

5G makes it possible to differentiate pricing for everything from device type (such as IoT) to content quality (such as UHD) to service context (such as location). MATRIXX Digital Commerce makes it possible to monetize it, in real-time.

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