MATRIXX 5G CHF/CCS Architecture

Experience Unmatched Agility, Efficiency and Innovation with MATRIXX's 5G Converged Charging Platform

The Modern Monetization Platform

As 5G technology redefines the telecommunications landscape, charging becomes a critical component in ensuring success. With new architectures, charging flows and an increased convergence of telco and enterprise, service providers need a robust, flexible and innovative charging platform.

MATRIXX delivers the transformative agility your business needs to thrive in the 5G era, offering a cloud-based, API-first architecture that seamlessly integrates with networks and third-party applications for maximum configurability, dynamic pricing and rapid time-to-market.

Importance of a Modern Charging Platform for 5G

A modern charging platform is crucial for 5G as it enables service providers to manage the increased complexity, diverse services and customer expectations brought forth by this technology.

Real-Time Charging

Real-time charging is crucial for supporting dynamic and usage-based pricing, QoS monitoring and billing, personalized offers and promotions.

IoT and Edge Computing

The rise of IoT and edge computing in the 5G era will result in a massive increase in the number of connected devices and the data they generate. Converged charging is necessary to handle the complexity of billing for a diverse range of services and devices across various industries.

Network Slicing

5G introduces network slicing, which allows operators to create multiple virtual networks on a single physical infrastructure. Converged charging is essential for managing and billing these different network slices, each with unique Quality of Service (QoS) parameters and pricing models.

Enhanced Customer Experience

As customer expectations grow in the 5G era, service providers need to offer a seamless, personalized experience across multiple services, devices and networks. Converged charging plays a vital role in providing a unified view of customer usage and billing, enabling service providers to deliver better-targeted services and promotions.

Monetization of Advanced Services

5G unlocks new revenue streams and business opportunities, such as AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, smart cities and remote healthcare. Converged charging allows service providers to monetize these advanced services by implementing flexible and dynamic pricing models tailored to each use case.

New Pricing Models

5G introduces new pricing models, such as dynamic and usage-based pricing, which require a converged charging platform capable of handling diverse and flexible billing options.

MATRIXX Is the Industry’s Go-To Charging Platform, Proven at Scale

Transformative Agility

MATRIXX delivers unparalleled agility with its cloud native architecture, enabling service providers to adapt to the ever-changing 5G landscape.


Unified Commerce

A single real-time platform that consolidates all the strategic monetization functions that currently exist on separate charging and billing stacks.


Click-Not-Code Configuration

Accelerate time-to-market with rapid, code-free configuration that streamlines product development.


API-First Architecture

Seamlessly integrate MATRIXX with your network and third-party applications for unmatched flexibility and control.


Benefits for Service Providers

Leveraging MATRIXX’s 5G converged charging platform brings a wealth of advantages to service providers:

Future-Proof Your Business

Stay ahead of the curve by embracing a platform designed specifically for the demands of 5G.

Optimize Network Efficiency

Maximize the performance of your 5G network while minimizing costs.

Innovate with Confidence

Leverage dynamic pricing models and flexible architecture to create cutting-edge services and offerings.

Drive Revenue Growth

Tap into new revenue streams and seize emerging opportunities in the 5G era.

Transform Your Monetization With MATRIXX

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