5G Digital BSS: MATRIXX Core Architecture

The Cloud Native Commerce Platform
for 5G Converged Charging

5G – The Next Evolution of Operator Digital Transformation

New and transformational technology unleashing new and transformed ways to monetize products and services. New devices. New architecture. When it comes to the potential for 5G networks, monetizing connectivity is only the beginning.


SLA-Based Monetization

Pricing based on tuneable network characteristics and performance

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Transforming from selling bytes to service-based offerings

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Ecosystem Enablement

Opening opportunities by connecting operators to enterprises


Requirements to Unlocking 5G Opportunity

Succeeding with 5G will require operators to look beyond the limitations of legacy technology. Success will demand a next-generation digital BSS that can unlock 5G commerce opportunities:

  • Empowering experimentation

    with new business models

  • Managing exponential traffic growth

    while maintaining ultra-low latency performance

  • Integrating seamlessly

    with both network and IT infrastructure

  • Operating efficiently

    with proven performance on a lightweight footprint

MATRIXX Digital Commerce Is Future-Ready

Learn more about how our next-generation OCS / reinvented BSS platform works with 5G networks, making new monetization a reality.

“5G represents a significant evolution of network architecture. We’ve architected MATRIXX Digital Commerce to leverage those changes to maximize monetization opportunities.”
Marc Price

Unlocking Opportunity in 5G Transformation

Increased Performance Demands

Ultra-low-latency. Higher throughput. 5G networks will power highly flexible, webscale performance delivered from the core or at the edge.

Broader Diversity in Types of Traffic

M2M communications. IoT devices. Beyond byte counting, 5G makes it possible to differentiate pricing for everything from device type (such as IoT) to content quality (such as UHD) to service context (such as location).

Greater Control Over Network

Vertical slicing. Horizontal slicing. Network slicing enables dynamic optimization of network resources at scale, improving efficiency and elasticity.

Monetizing 5G with MATRIXX

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Reduce Cost to Serve

Product-based solution. Optimized infrastructure footprint. Modern, streamlined platform that’s more efficient to operate, no customization required.

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Improved Scaling & Resilience

Cloud native, micro-services based architecture for increased automation. Webscale performance so that operators can compete at the speed of digital.

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Greater Agility

API-first design. Configuration-based pricing. Stand-up tear down philosophy. Develop, configure, deploy, scale, right-size and take-down 5G networks-on-demand.

5G Converged Charging Integrations

A cloud native commerce platform evolved to leverage innovations in 5G network technology.

  • Service-Based Architecture (SBA)

    Simplifies scalability and elasticity with full support of http2 protocols, including pub/sub

  • Network Repository Function (NRF)

    Integration with new NRF for registry and management of microservices

  • Access Mobility Function (AMF)

    AMF is utilized for enhancing network access rules within control plane

  • Session Management Function (SMF)

    SMF enables charging by session instead of just bytes

  • Policy Control Function (PCF)

    PCF coordinates network policy rules for enhanced monetization

  • Network Exchange Function (NEF)

    REST communications via NEF enables service provider networks to exchange data and intelligence with other telco and enterprise platforms

  • Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF)

    NWDAF unlocks contextual decision making by enabling analytics to inform real-time decisions involving any data in the core network

  • Network Slice Management Function (NSMF)

    NSMF supports the deployment of end-to-end network functions, dynamically right-sized for specific business purposes, including deployment of network functions in slices and at the edge

  • IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

    IMS supports delivery of high quality voice, video and XR services, ensuring that end-to-end quality of service/quality of experience based SLAs are satisfied

MATRIXX Is Ready for the 5G Era. Are You?

Emerging business models. Unprecedented scale. Enormous opportunity. The digital-first, digital-now world is here. The MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform is ready.

Technology background abstract MATRIXXDeploying Network Slicing: The Key Role of the Converged Charging System

Join this webinar on July 28th to hear MATRIXX’s Rob Edwards and Paul Gainham present the essential architecture underpinning network slicing, as well as the key steps to deploy and successfully monetize it.


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