Starhub’s giga! and MATRIXX
Digital Commerce

Starhub launched a new mobile service that embraced
continuous innovation as an integral part of their offering.
Discover how.

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“We selected MATRIXX because they have an agile, digital-first platform and a proven team, enabling us to launch a new, fully digital mobile service within an aggressive timeline.”
Johan Buse

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Starhub’s Digital Ambition: A Fully Digital Mobile Service

Starhub’s goal was to launch a new mobile service that could cut through the noise in the crowded Singapore market. The result was giga!, an independent sub-brand created to:

  • Build a market redefining, app-based proposition
  • Deliver transparency and control to customers
  • Embrace continuous innovation and improvement
  • Win customers with a better, simpler, all-digital experience

Rapid Innovation Right out of the Gate

Created for continuous evolution, Starhub’s giga! is built from the ground-up to give its customers exceptional digital-firsts on day one.

  • Seamless Digital Onboarding

    Including a market-first, full digital ID verification system built into the app

  • Data Roll-Over

    First in Singapore to allow customers the ability to hold onto their data

  • Multi-Channel Digital Self-Care

    Only operator in Singapore to offer customer support, including chatbot and messaging-based support (Facebook and WhatsApp)

  • Real-Time Usage Visibility

    First in Singapore to offer customers truly on-demand visibility into usage and payments

  • Door to Door Delivery

    SIM delivery within 24 hours, with progress trackable in-app

Starhub giga! app

Launching at the Speed of Digital

giga! timeline

Only MATRIXX: Creating a New Digital BSS Stack

Starhub deployed MATRIXX Digital Commerce because they wanted to:

  • Build a state-of-the-art digital Telco platform
  • Leverage modern technology for speed and agility
  • Operate independently from existing legacy infrastructure
  • Continuously evolve, refine and improve their offerings
  • Get to market quickly with a breakthrough digital experience

“We wanted to build a brand that could use consumer feedback to rapidly evolve the product while also delivering a seamless digital experience. MATRIXX was the obvious choice to make that happen.”

Johan Buse, CCO, Starhub

How MATRIXX Delivered the Solution Starhub Needed

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Configuration based software that enabled the rapid delivery of business requirements without customization

integration icon

API-based integration allowed other network, IT and third-party components to be added quickly without heavy systems integration

out-of-the-box icon

Out-of-the-box use cases so that commercial teams could quickly select the building blocks for a differentiated proposition

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