Redefine Consumer Engagement

Create Seamless, Personalized Experiences

Consumers Expect More

The move towards universal connectivity and increased payment flexibility has fundamentally transformed consumer expectations. Today’s consumers demand enhanced personalization and instant access to service providers, expecting real-time, accurate information at their fingertips. However, service providers often find themselves ensnared in a maze of outdated systems and processes, hindering their ability to deliver the personalized, engaging experiences customers crave.

Transforming the Customer Experience

MATRIXX delivers a remarkably agile monetization platform with the ability to launch and modify novel services in a matter of hours.

MATRIXX enables the rapid delivery of new features and improvements through an iterative approach that consistently improves customer experience. Customer feedback can be collected and used to drive feature development, with regular improvements and new functionality delivered at a pace that would be impossible with legacy business systems.

Orange Romania: Delivering the nation’s first all-digital brand in less than a year.

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YOXO app

Personalized Plans

No one likes to be told “we know what’s best for you.” The goal is delighting your customers; giving them the power to create their own buying journey is the first stage to getting there.

Whether a precisely tailored monthly plan or pay-as-you-go top-ups, service providers must move beyond forcing customers into predefined bundles.

Ooredoo: MATRIXX delivered within a six-month timeline from project initiation to user trial.

See the Ooredoo Case Study

Complete Transparency and Control

Once they have selected and customized services, customers track their own usage, manage their own spend and update their own accounts through an accessible real-time app, avoiding the frustrations of traditional CRM channels.

Digital capabilities like these offer a win-win in the form of a better user experience and a lower cost-to-serve.

WINDTRE: Launched a new digital brand to accelerate business transformation.

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Very mobile app

Continuous Innovation

5G offers exciting potential for new consumer revenue from, for example, ultra-fast mobile and fixed-wireless broadband, mobile gaming, and products and services based on virtual and augmented reality.

This potential can only be realized through experimentation, constant service evolution and the ability to easily create and test new offerings that will bring tomorrow’s new revenue.

Telstra: MATRIXX worked with Telstra to deliver a superior experience that turned neutral customers into brand advocates.

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