5G Means Unlimited Business Potential

Be Ready With a 5G Converged Charging System That Turns Potential Into Reality

The Industry’s
Go-To Monetization Platform

5G opens up a world of commercial possibilities for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), creating business models that seamlessly integrate access networks, edge capabilities, and a broad partner ecosystem. However, without the right tools, this potential remains untapped.

Legacy business systems often hold CSPs back with their siloed, slow, and complex structures. What they need are agile business support systems that foster continuous innovation, accommodate emerging device types, and facilitate beneficial ecosystem partnerships.

To stay competitive, CSPs must move fast and stay flexible, rapidly creating, testing, and deploying new services in just days, at little to no cost. This is where MATRIXX comes into play, providing the platform that turns potential into reality.

Consumer Digital Transformation

Consumers expect greater personalization and immediacy from products and services, interacting with them whenever it suits with accurate, real-time information. Too often CSPs struggle to provide the timely, hyper-personalized, universally accessible experiences customers want — falling short because they are constrained by a tangled web of outdated systems and cumbersome processes.

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At well over 50% of the overall enterprise market, the small and medium enterprise (SME) represents an excellent growth opportunity for CSPs. Because these businesses are time-poor and typically lack internal IT resources, they embrace OPEX-financed, managed services. SMEs should represent a recurring success story for telcos, but it is a market that to date has been persistently underserved.

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B2B Enterprise

B2B represents the fastest growing market segment for digital and IT services, with an increasing number of vendors making various network, communication and collaboration services available to enterprises directly through the cloud. This opens a significant opportunity for CSPs, who can enable partners to quickly harness network resources in flexible ways, without hindering delivery or business models across a complex chain of participants.

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Government Networks

As defense and intelligence networks evolve to support sophisticated devices and applications, the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) rely on robust, low-latency connectivity and resilient networks. Equally essential is the co-evolution of IT infrastructure and the BSS stack. MATRIXX offers a robust, scalable monetization solution that addresses the unpredictability and challenges unique to defense communication networks with its high-performing, flexible, and resilient platform.


Private Networks

5G expands the potential of private networks dramatically, enabling dedicated 5G coverage in challenging environments, such as multi-tenant buildings or multi-campus facilities. The ability to connect devices and people to secure, reliable and optimized networks from any place at any time will be transformational, opening new capabilities and opportunities for many industries.



Wholesale telecommunications have been searching for new sources of revenue for years. To reinvigorate their business, wholesale groups need to pivot their strategy to tap into new growth opportunities. In particular, they must become more customer-centric to avoid the risk of losing customers to OTT competition. It’s easier than ever for customers to churn if CSPs fail to offer more convenience, ease, and a better experience.


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