The fastest growing MVNO in UK history

Customer Case Study: iD Mobile

100% Subscriber Growth

iD Mobile partnered with MATRIXX to create a digital brand to win millennial customers in the UK.

Their key objectives:

  • Innovate services to differentiate iD Mobile from other mobile service providers
  • Build a customer-centric digital brand offering greater value, customer control and increased contract flexibility
  • Deliver a market-leading, real-time experience where customers can instantly personalize their plans, view all charges and set spend limits

MATRIXX Delivered for iD Mobile From the Beginning

With MATRIXX flexibility and real-time insight, iD Mobile provides a real-time experience through which customers can instantly personalize their plans, view all charges and set spend limits.

A MATRIXX customer since 2015, iD Mobile extended its relationship with MATRIXX in 2023 to continue delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers.

MATRIXX enables MVNOs like iD Mobile to rapidly monetize new services or offerings via a simplified architecture with composable and reusable critical monetization functions.

The agility delivered by MATRIXX enables iD Mobile to quickly launch competitive, high-quality plans.

The Fastest Growing MVNO in the UK Market

In a saturated market, iD Mobile is constantly looking to differentiate with new plans and offerings and a streamlined entire customer experience, from setup to billing.


Over a million subscribers within just two years of launch

Number One

iD Mobile is the fastest growing UK MVNO in history

Fantastic Features

Services including bill capping, inclusive roaming and data rollover

Happy Customers

Real-time customer-facing balances increased NPS by 30 points

As we continue to focus on business growth, we require a flexible, robust solution that can support our ambition. MATRIXX is a long-standing, trusted partner of iD Mobile, and we are excited to extend our relationship to deliver innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of our customers.”
Rohit Vedi Managing Director, iD Mobile

An Innovative MVNO Delivering Amazing Value

iD Mobile has found success in the crowded UK market with customer-centric offerings that prioritize flexibility and control. With their tailored plans, transparent pricing and a commitment to exceptional customer service, they have set new standards in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Millennials looking at mobile phone

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