Monetization Solutions for Government Networks

Timely, Complete and Accurate Visibility into Network Usage and Cost

Adapting to the Rapid Evolution of Government Networks with MATRIXX

As defense and intelligence networks evolve to support sophisticated devices and applications, the demand for robust, low-latency connectivity becomes critical. Organizations like the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) depend on resilient networks, capable of withstanding escalating complexity and surges in demand.

As defense networks advance, it’s essential that the IT infrastructure and BSS stack evolves alongside them. MATRIXX mirrors this transformation, offering a flexible, high-performing and resilient platform. Designed for scalability, MATRIXX provides a robust monetization solution adept at navigating the unpredictability and challenges inherent in defense communication networks.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Our monetization solution is not just cloud-friendly; it’s cloud native. We’ve specifically designed it to harness the power of the cloud, ensuring it thrives in this distributed environment. This delivers commercial benefits like improved agility and flexibility, improved reliability, lower cost, faster time to market and improved security.

Cloud Native Technology

Usage and Cost Transparency

MATRIXX centralizes monetization for all network services and calculates charges, including taxes and discounts, in real-time. This enables true usage and spend transparency, a significant improvement to charge calculations traditionally performed by batch processes as part of a standard “bill cycle.”

MATRIXX Spend limit screen

Proven at Scale

Case studies from operators worldwide showcase how our innovative monetization platform has redefined the way service providers operate and thrive in the competitive landscape.

From dramatic cost reductions to remarkable mobile subscriber growth, this ebook offers an exclusive insight into the substantial ROI experienced by our customers.

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Why MATRIXX For Government Networks

Built with an API-first design atop a componentized microservices architecture, MATRIXX is a no-code, configurable environment that is fast to deploy and capable of serving heterogeneous network environments from a single, extensible platform. Massively scalable and highly efficient to operate, the MATRIXX platform enables efficient operations automation, new services monetization and hyper-scale offerings.


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