One New Zealand (formerly Vodafone New Zealand ) standardized all prepaid customers on MATRIXX, migrating from their legacy system to enable advanced pricing plans and cutting edge innovation. 

Customer Case Study: One NZ (formerly Vodafone New Zealand)

One NZ

One NZ, formerly known as Vodafone New Zealand, is a leading provider of mobile, broadband, fixed line and TV services. A customer since 2014, One NZ has migrated all their prepaid subscribers to MATRIXX, taking advantage of MATRIXX RESTful APIs to integrate with network systems, analytics systems and middleware.


To realize the promise of 5G within the next few years, decisions need to be made today with the right technology solutions, skills and support to execute and succeed.”
Andrew Haddad Chief Information Officer, One NZ

One NZ’s Digital Ambition

One NZ partnered with MATRIXX to power their digital transformation. The key objectives driving their efforts included:

  • Building a market-leading capability for innovation
  • Reducing the time-to-market for new products and services
  • Offering compelling digital customer experiences through real-time self-care, transparency, controls and personalized product promotions

With MATRIXX, Faster Transformation

Ease of integration and speed of deployment closed the deal.

Only MATRIXX could deliver on One NZ’s ambitious digital transformation timeline. Entirely product-based, MATRIXX required no customization or bespoke development. Unlike the other solutions requiring significant custom coding resulting in cost and time delays, MATRIXX’s use of simple XML configurations enabled adaptation to network specifics within hours or even minutes.

The Results

Since go-live in 2014, MATRIXX has significantly reduced time-to-market, enabling the launch of major new service innovations for One NZ.

10% increase

in subscriber additions as a result of family sharing

+20% roaming revenues

after introducing the roam-like-home service

First to market

with enterprise data sharing

90% reduction

in deployment cycle for new plans

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