Wind Tre and MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Wind Tre modernized their IT infrastructure to deliver better customer experiences. Discover how.

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Wind Tre: Large-Scale Transformation Across the Network

After a merger, Wind Tre had two separate legacy infrastructures. They wanted to deliver modern, digital experiences to their 30 million mobile users, quickly. But, to allow that and be able to handle the evolution to 5G, they needed to unite the two systems.

“If you look at the world of IT, it is made of three things: processes, technology and people. MATRIXX excels at all three.”
Rob Visser
Wind Tre

Building a Network for Success

Delivering a digital-first experience was the only way to satisfy existing customers and attract new ones. Making it possible meant overcoming significant digitization challenges, including:

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Blending two big Telco companies with different cultures and complex legacy IT environments

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Securing a solution that could scale and handle a massive increase in network data volume

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Enabling innovative use cases based on real-time analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Wind Tre’s New Digital Journey

Wind Tre’s goal of becoming one of the most innovative digital Telcos in the region started with consolidating, upgrading and modernizing their IT infrastructure. MATRIXX Digital Commerce was able to meet these needs by:

  • Placing a proven, scalable, digital infrastructure at the heart of a significant transformation program
  • Introducing modern, agile methods with empowered, cross-functional teams (IT, marketing and operations)
  • Providing an excellent customer experience and enable rich self-care through digital channels
  • Ensuring business continuity so that the switch to a new IT platform was seamless for customers and the business
“Once you get the IT right, you can focus on truly creating value for the customer which will unleash growth in the business.”

Rob Visser, CIO, Wind Tre

MATRIXX Delivered the Solution Wind Tre Needed by Providing a Single Platform for Commerce

Agile to deploy and operate

with open APIs and configuration-based pricing via templates

Subscription model

with upgrades included, not customer funded change requests

Unique technology

providing ultra-low latency, 10x scalability and efficiency versus other solutions

Cloud native, 5G ready

with over a dozen successful digital transformations

Click not code configurability

with out-of-the-box use cases

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