Swisscom Digital Transformation and
MATRIXX Digital Commerce

Swisscom continuously launches innovative services with compelling customer experiences. Discover how.


Digital Experience Ambition

Swisscom wanted to drive customer engagement with a new digital platform that would simplify operations and deliver greater agility.

They partnered with MATRIXX Software to:

  • Deliver an interactive digital experience for consumers
  • Move to a GUI based, easily configurable platform to simplify operations
  • Migrate services from end-of-life systems to a modern platform for improved agility

Heinz Herren, Strategic Projects and Board Mandates, Swisscom, shares how MATRIXX has propelled Swisscom’s vision and strategy for providing the best service to their customers, and how MATRIXX is helping them prepare for the 5G world.

“We were looking for a different type of technology platform that could advance our business.”

Bram van der Zwet, Head of Technical Strategy, Swisscom

Swisscom’s Platform for Service Innovation

Since launching on MATRIXX Digital Commerce, Swisscom continues to deliver innovative new services to their customers, all of which were successfully delivered entirely in-house — no professional services, no change requests. New services launched to-date:

  • A real-time data roaming app
  • Inclusive roaming bundles
  • Two discount MVNOs
  • A digital MVNO
  • Upgraded prepaid services
  • Multi-device IoT plans


“MATRIXX is transforming our business as we innovate, expand and monetize our services.”
Heinz Herren

Driving Roaming Revenues

Swisscom increased their revenue by simplifying the buying experience and enhancing customer control, therefore, offering a better digital interaction to customers worldwide.

400% increase in roaming traffic

4% of customers purchase roaming passes every month

38% of postpaid customers have chosen plans with roaming

Swisscom Cockpit

On-demand roaming passes and premium plans with inclusive roaming are creating customer value.

MATRIXX is Enabling a Multi-Brand Strategy

Swisscom is able to configure new plans and launch new MVNOs using their own resources.

  MATRIXX is Enabling a Multi-Brand Strategy

This Is Possible Because We Delivered

lightening bolt inside circular arrows icon

Rapid, API-based integration where the initial solution was integrated into network and IT systems in less than three months

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Online upgrades that gave Swisscom the capability to continuously evolve their platform without service interruption

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Configuration based software which allowed Swisscom to develop and launch new plans using their own IT staff

Swisscom Has Continuously Added Services to Their MATRIXX Deployment, Year After Year

Swisscom Has Continuously Added Services to Their MATRIXX Deployment, Year After Year

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