Switzerland’s largest telecom service provider relies on MATRIXX as its single, converged monetization platform across all product and service offerings.

Customer Case Study: Swisscom

Empowering the Digital Future

Swisscom is making major investments in new technologies so they can offer customers the best in a networked world.

They partnered with MATRIXX Software to:

  • Deliver the best experience to customers with industry leading products, services and infrastructure
  • Maintain operational excellence through a simplified IT and network
  • Capitalize on new growth opportunities within 5G, cloud and edge, IoT, AI, security and more

See how MATRIXX has propelled Swisscom’s vision and strategy for providing the best service to their customers, and how MATRIXX is helping them prepare for the 5G world.

Over the past nine years, we've seen firsthand the value that MATRIXX can deliver...We chose to extend our relationship with MATRIXX because they are ahead of the curve in their work with hyperscalers, and we are confident that MATRIXX is a trustworthy partner for our strategic and secure journey to cloud.”
Philip Achermann Head of Billing, Swisscom

Swisscom’s Platform for Consumer Services Innovation

Since launching on MATRIXX, Swisscom continues to deliver innovative new services to their customers, all developed ‘in-house’ – no professional services, no change requests. New services launched to-date:

  • A real-time data roaming app
  • Inclusive roaming bundles
  • Two discount MVNOs
  • A digital MVNO
  • Upgraded prepaid services
  • Multi-device IoT plans

Swisscom’s Platform for Technical Innovation

Swisscom is one of the most innovative companies in Switzerland. By far the largest proportion of its revenue is generated by products and services that didn’t even exist just a few years ago. Areas of innovation include:

  • Network and infrastructure
  • Security
  • Analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Entertainment
  • Digital Business

MATRIXX Enables a Multi-Brand Strategy

Swisscom is able to configure new plans and launch new MVNOs using their own resources.


Swisscom multi-brands on MATRIXX

How MATRIXX Delivered for Swisscom

API integration icon

Rapid, API-Based Integration

Integrated into network and IT systems in less than three months

online upgrade icon

Online Upgrades

Continuous platform evolution without service interruption

configurability icon

Configuration-Based Software

Empowered to develop and launch new plans using their own IT staff

Swisscom Has Continuously Added Services to Their MATRIXX Deployment, Year After Year

Swisscom and MATRIXX timeline

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